Advantages of Rooting Android Device

Are you looking for something that can increase your smartphone efficiency to its maximum? Well, rooting android smartphone can do the job. It really works! Just what you have to do is root your android smartphone and then you can easily increase your smartphone efficiency to its maximum.

There are different tools present at Google play store which will help your out in making your respective smartphone rooted completely. Rooting an android smartphone allows it to use many great android applications which need a root access to work on your smartphone or tablet. There are several advantages of rooting. Here in this post we are going to give you a brief overview that what are the top advantages of rooting android smartphones.

4 Advantages of Rooting Android Smartphones

advantages of rooting androidImproved battery life

Rooting android smartphone increases your battery life as then you can use your smartphone skills to its maximum. You can use several battery saving applications on your smartphone which only works when you have a root access. There are many custom roms which you can install on your smartphone and they assure you getting increased battery life.  I assure you that after getting your smartphone rooted and then installing a new custom ROM to it will surely increase your battery life.

Power Boost

By just rooting android smartphone you can also ramp up its power. You can use set up CPU app to do that, this is a free application and you can easily download it from Google play store. Just what you need to do is after rooting your android smartphone, install an application called superuser which will be done automatically after you rooted your phone. This application gives the permission to other root applications to get access. So, just install set CPU on your smartphone and increase your CPU speed to its maximum.

Root Applications

There are several root applications which will surely increase your smartphone performance in quick time. These applications are easily available at Google play store. Just you need a rooted android smartphone device to get access with it. Here are some of the best root applications which can be very useful with your rooted android smartphone.

  • Set CPU– Allows you to increase your smartphone performance manually as you want.
  • Link to SD– From link to SD app you can transfer your installed phone applications to your SD card.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus– Works as an antivirus for your smartphone.
  • Go keyboard– Provides you with different keyboard layouts.

Custom ROMs

As I have already mentioned about the custom roms which can increase you smartphone performance. When you are done with your rooting for your respective android smartphone then you can add a custom rom to it. These custom roms comes with the latest version for android with some additional features and  performance enhancements. After rooting you can search for custom rom for your smartphone on Google.

So, these were some of the important points on rooting android smartphone. Well, if you have not rooted your smartphone and this is the right time to do it.

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