Top 6 Android Photography And Camera Apps

best camera apps for androidIf you are having an Android smartphone then I am sure you must use your phone camera to capture and save your fun moments.Do you know that you can make photography more fun and easy by installing some third party applications for Google Play Store. Today, we have collected top 6 best android photography and camera apps for your android phone and the best thing is all the apps are FREE.

Little Photo

It is one of the best photography app for your Android phone.Simplicity is the main key of the app.Just use Little Photo app to takes pictures and select a list of effects to edit your image. It’s easy to use, isn’t it?This great app provides tons of effects that makes your pictures look like they were taken by a high-end camera.


PhotoFunia is my favorite photography app and have been using it for last one year.This app can can creatively transform your pictures.You can be a famous movie star on a billboard, an angel, a portrait painted on canvas, a star on a movie poster, and much more.This app also allows you to add cool clip art to your pictures.The only disadvantage with this app is that you need an active internet connection for the app to work.

Paper Camera

This app makes your photos to look like hand-drawn cartoons.This small photography app allows you See the world through a novel, original, stylish and captivating can use this app for both photos and videos.

Photo Grid

Unlike the other photo apps that transform and edit a single photo, the Photo Grid app combines your pictures and turns them into a beautiful collage. The app comes with a different collage formats.It is so simple, select a format and choose pictures you like to add. This app allows you to share your collage through different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.


A mega popular photo processing and sharing app on Android platform.Instagram comes with lots of gorgeous effects. Transform everyday moments into works of art you’ll want to share with friends and family.This app also allows users to share photos through various social networking sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Camera360 Ultimate

Another easy to use photography app for your Android phone.This app supports several interesting and funny effects.Some of its notable features are Colorful Sketch, the Funny Effects, Smart Scene Camera, Huge Head and many more.This app also allows you to transfer your images into cartoons and colorful sketch instantly.

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