A Complete List of Shortcut Keys For Windows 8

windows 8 shortcut keysWelcome back to Technied.Microsoft recently announced that their newest operating system Windows 8 would be officially released this October and it will come with a lots of new features. Microsoft has already released Developer Preview, Consumer Preview,etc to know more about the operating system. Like the previous versions of windows, the new OS will also support various shortcut keys and helps us to do things faster. Here is the list of Shortcut Keys For Windows 8.

Windows key -Shows the New Metro UI screen

Win + A / Win + Space – Switches keyboard Layouts
Win + C – Brings Start menu with Time and date
Win + D – Shows the Standard Desktop Screen
Win + F – Allows you to search for files
Win + I  – Opens the Settings Sidebar
Win + L – Lock Windows
WIN + O – Applies Rotation Lock
Win + P – Presents with Multi-Monitor options
Win + Q – Lists all Installed applications
Win + W – Instant search for settings.
Win + X – Opens oower user shortcut menu
Win + Y – Desktop Glance
Win + Z – Shows the Application bar in Metro apps

Functional Keys Shortcuts

Win + F1 – Displays Help
Win + F2 – Rename Item
Win + F3 – Search for files and folders
Win + F4 – Displays items in Active list
Win + F5 – Refresh

Page Up/Down Shortcuts

Win + Page Up – Move Start screen to left Monitor
Win + Page Down – Move Start screen to right Monitor

Number Shortcuts

Win + (1-9) – Switches to the app as numbered on the Taskbar

Arrow Keys Shortcuts

Win + Left arrow- Snaps Desktop Window to left
Win +  Right arrow – Snaps Desktop Window to right
Win +  Up arrow – Maximizes the Desktop Window
Win +  Down arrow – Minimizes or Restores the the Desktop Window

Period Shortcuts

Win + . (period) – Snaps the Metro app to  right
Win + . (period) + Shift – Snaps the Metro app to left

Win + Tab – Makes a Switch between currently opened apps