7 Top Reasons Why You Should Start Using Outlook.com

features of outlook emailMicrosoft has recently launched a free email service Outlook.com, which is very similar to Gmail.Microsoft has designed the user interface of Outlook.com more attractively than any other email service. Today I am sharing the top reasons why you should start using Outlook.com as your main email service provider.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many keyboard shortcuts available for outlook.com and these shortcuts will make your work lot easier. You can visit this page to view all Keyboard shortcuts.

2. Unlimited virtual space for your email

So, from now onwards you need not to worry about your old mails.Keep all your mails stored on your inbox.In addition to this, you’ll get free complimentary 7 GB of cloud storage from Microsoft Skydrive.

3. You can send larger attachments

Outlook.com allows you to send larger attach files with your email. A single file of upto 300 mb ((100 mb directly from your computer and 300 mb from your skydrive) can be attach with your mail.You will be surprised to know that even Gmail also not provide 300 mb single file attachments options.

4. Access Social Networking Sites From Your Email

Now you can easily be connected with your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Outlook.com also allows users to import facebook, twitter and LinkedIn contacts easily.

5. Create multiple email alias

Another exciting feature of Outlook.com. This feature allows users to manage multiple accounts from a single account. Emails to your email alias will be saved in a folder in your account by default.

6. Outlook is fast, secure and realtime

I have been using Outlook.com since the first day of it launch and it is faster than Gmail and Yahoo mail.

7. Sign in with a temporary password

If you are using a public computer to access Outlook.com email account and if there is a chance of stealing your password then you can use this special feature to sign in to your account.Just enter your user ID and phone number. A one time password will be delivered to your mobile to access your email account.

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