Top 5 Android Apps For Kids

best android apps for kidsWelcome back to Techbusket. Out of hundreds of thousands of android apps very few are specially designed for kids.We all know teaching kids has never been an easy task for parents.But some excellent Androids apps make the task easy for parents. Today we have collected five best Android apps for kids.

Math Ninja

One of the most popular android app for kids.This simple app helps your child to improve mathematical skills.It has 15 games to practice different mathematical operations at 10 levels of difficulty. This game comes with 1,000 different math problems. Everything is presented in cute and attractive graphics to gain the interest of your kids.

AniWorld Lite

If you have any kids aged between one to five then you should try this app. AniWorld Lite teaches kids the names of different animals.This app will help your child to learn more about animals and their habitat.

PicsArt for Kids

Another great app designed for kids.This app helps your child to learn coloring , drawing and many more.It combines 3 applications in one.Just install it from google play store and I bet you’ll also enjoy playing it as much as your kids.

FlipApp Kids Languages

Another excellent app for your kids.FlipApp Kids allows kids to learn numbers, colors, animals and shapes in different languages through simple tile games.This app can help your kids to learn Spanish, Hungarian, English, German, French, and many more.

Games For Kids

If you want to develop your children’s memory, perception, observation and other skills through game then this is best app for you.The game consists of four different games and each of the games has several difficulty level.

  • Shoot the balloon– To develop observation, colour ,letters and numbers recognition
  • Puzzle – To develop the perception of the object
  • Find it! – To develop observation
  • Guess combination – To develop memory
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