The Best Android Trading Applications

Mobile trading has become ubiquitous as traders prefer to watch market news and make trades while they are on the move from any place at any time. Android is the most popular Operating system for smart phones and hence Android trading apps are becoming very popular among the brokers and investors. Some of the best Android trading apps are listed below:Best Android Trading Applications

Options House Trading App:

OptionHouse is a wonderful trading App which is built based on a very powerful trading platform with amazing set of features. Also the App is synced with the Desktop version making it easy for the customers to use both desktop and Mobile version simultaneously without any interruptions. The App allows users to trade stocks, options, ETFs, spreads and mutual funds. You can get streaming live quotes from the market on real-time basis which is very useful for traders to make quick trading decisions. You can create and manage your orders, view the open positions and configure watch lists for your preferred stocks. The App is very secure and reliable because even if you lose your mobile phone, you won’t lose any critical trading data because all these are not stored on your device locally but are stored in a secure data center of the App. It has some interesting features which allow the traders to minimize the loss and maximize returns. All the stock trades are charged at very low rate of $4.95 per trade and in case of options you have to pay $.50 extra for every contract. Since they have a fixed commission per trade, the App is preferred by majority of the traders.


MobileTWS is yet another amazing trading platform from Interactive Brokers. It offers support for all types of trading including stocks, forex, options, and futures options on various markets across the world. You can watch real-time quotes, charts and streaming data from the market and place orders instantly. You can transfer funds between different trading accounts and access your stock portfolio from any place. The platform also allows users to continuously monitor the trades and make use of order tickets to place their trades. You can also trade forex currency pairs using the App and watch the real-time forex quotes for all major currencies. You can use market scanners to view past market data and understand the trends of the market. The App also provides e-mail notifications and SMS alerts for stock watch lists as per the needs of the users. They have a secure login system and all business data is stored securely. You can manage your stock portfolio and trading accounts efficiently using the App and also view the past transactions anytime. You will also get live customer support on 24/7 basis.
TD AmeriTrade:

TD Ameritrade is also a popular Android trading App which allows users to trade options, stocks, and equity and forex currency pairs. The App permits users to watch streaming stock quotes, live news feeds and real-time market data in home screen. You can place trades instantly and monitor your trades from time to time. You can also carry out extensive market research and transfer funds between different trading accounts. The App provides the order status of various stocks and also allows users to watch on-demand videos from Reuters and CNBC. It is one of the popular trading apps used widely by investors across the globe. It also provides educational videos and tutorials for beginners to get started with trading fundamentals.

Anyoption Android Trading App for Binary Options:

It is the best Android App which supports binary options fast track trading. The App is based on regulated binary option trading platform which is reliable and allows users to gain as high as 81% profits per trade. In order to trade, all you have to do is choose the underlying asset which can be anything like Currency pair, Commodity, stocks or Indices and then mention the Strike Price and Expiry Time for the trade inside the App. If your prediction is correct and the asset reaches the Strike Price before Expiry Time, you can gain huge profits for each trade. The App is very intuitive and user-friendly. You can get live support from the technical experts and also maintain multiple trading accounts inside the App. They do not charge any commissions or hidden charges for the trades and are very reliable when compared to other brokers. Also they provide educational videos and training materials for beginners to learn about binary options.

MetaTrader 5 – Forex Trading App:

This is a popular Android App from MetaQuotes Software Corporation especially for trading forex currency pairs. MetaTrader5 provides access to various technical indicators like charts, graphs and signals which helps the Forex traders to understand the market trends clearly. You can view your trading history and understand how much you have gained from your previous transactions. The App is very secure and reliable and allows users to login by using 2-factor authentication. Once you login to the App, you can view the real-time market data including streaming quotes and charts. The App supports various execution modes and allows users to place trading orders instantly.

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