Mobile Technology & Management: A Match Made In Heaven

The new wave of business managers are becoming more and more reliant upon mobile technologies to keep themselves informed and up to date on all of the workings of their company. With the addition of Google’s mobile operating systems, your mobile phone can do just as much as your personal computer. There’s no need to be tied to one location for business anymore. Your work can travel wherever you choose to take it. Here are a few of the top mobile apps that are known for being a great personal assistant to the overworked business technology

Office productivity assistance


All of the programs created by Microsoft that are utilized in an office setting are free to download if you have the right type of phone for the programs. The possibilities expand vastly when you acquire the ability to do any sort of office work straight from your mobile phone. Spreadsheets, newsletters, and office communication in general will be made much easier with apps of this manner. You can even build a complete powerpoint presentation with a Google powered smartphone.

Email marketing assistance

Juggling thousands of emails a day just isn’t necessary or possible in most situations, but proper organization and timely handling is most definitely possible. MailChimp is one of the best applications in existence for such work. This isn’t just an app that organizes your emails. It utilizes your email campaigning efforts, and even keeps track of valuable data to be used to your marketing tactics in the future. You can send out mass advertising emails to thousands of recipients in just one easy click of the sent button.

Application building assistance

The best way to jump up on the technological bandwagon is to build your company’s own downloadable application. The general public loves to use their cell phones for shopping as well as communications. They aren’t just phones anymore. Our phones are our photo albums, our filing cabinets, and a whole bunch of other things. As a business owner, it would greatly benefit your company for you to become technologically versatile.

General marketing assistance

Technology offers itself to several other forms of assistance, and marketing is definitely one of the most productive areas that tech tools have become helpful. SMS technology allows companies to send advertisements straight to an array of possible customer’s mobile phones. Nothing is really forced upon the individual as they have to choose to sign up for SMS messages from your business. They will also generally have the option to text STOP at anytime to stop receiving your mass messages. This way, you’re not forcing your company’s advertising on any person that doesn’t want to be involved.

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