Api.ai- Add Voice Recognition To Your App

Now a days we all love to use voice recognition tools to do things faster. Voice recognition software really makes our life easier than before. In the early years of voice recognition engine research, the tools could only read stuff out like some voice to text converters. But modern tools are come with artificial intelligence (AI) and can understand all the daily life catch-phrases.Api.ai

With the advancement of technology, now you don’t need to use your hands to operate your smartphone. Almost all devices come with a voice recognition tool like SIRI, Cortana etc. The great thing is they are so smart. If you ask them about the weather report and if its going to rain today, they will advice you to wear a raincoat when you leave your home.

For the last few years, Api.ai has been doing research on voice recognition technology to create a useful voice recognition tool. Finally they created a speech to text api tool which brings an evolution in the AI field mostly. Api.ai works far better than popular voice engines like Google voice search, Siri or Cortana. Recently, the company raise around $3 million funding for their ongoing project and the investment partners include big companies like Intel Capital, SAIC Capital, Alpine Technology, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital etc.

“Api.ai provides developers and companies with the advanced tools they need to build voice interfaces for voice to text apps and hardware device.”

The framework of the company helps all kinds of tools and applications to seamlessly integrate with intelligent voice
recognition. To improve the usability of a smartphone, we need a better smart recognition tool.

Api.ai is the company that created the Assistant application. If you are an android user, you must know about this app. API stands for Application Program Interface. Api.ai is a tool that integrates the speech to text or voice recognizing tools into an app.

Key Features of Api.ai

  • It supports almost all popular smartphone OS e.g. iOS, Android and Windows and web languages like Unity, Python etc.
  • The tool provides support for 11 languages.
  • Comes with complete solution- Voice recognition + Natural language understanding + Text-to-speech
  • High performance (millions of requests processed a day) conversation
  • Availability of Knowledge for multiple domains
  • Learns from Interaction with User

These are the main features of Api.ai. If you are a general user then Api.ai is of no use for you. It is only useful for
a programmer or a developer. With the use of Api.ai, a developer can create an app like English teaching app. Thanks for reading.

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