5 Best Android Apps For Cooking

best android apps for cookingDo you know, your Android mobile phone can be used as a tool to make some best and delicious recipes for you and your family.If you have often watched TV to learn new recipes then its time to change your style.Because now you can learn to make new recipes on the go. Today, in this post we are sharing some best android apps for cooking and recipes.

Recipe Search

Recipe search is one of the best cooking app for android mobile phone. This app allows you to search and find almost all the popular recipe in a single click.All the recipes in this app are organized into many categories, such as popularity of the recipe, current recipes etc. The best thing about the app is that it includes a YouTube app and helps you to see the complete process of how the dish can be made.


This cooking app helps you to learn all the basics related to cooking. you can look for proper meanings of some words related to cooking. It also helps you to find an alternative or substitute of a certain ingredient.

Taste of Home

If you want to cook some delicious recipes for your friends and family members then this is a great app for you. This awesome app makes your cooking easy by providing step by step guide method. You can also share your favorite recipes with friends and colleagues through Facebook or email.

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner

Another popular cooking app to make delicious recipes instantly.You can access over 40,000 recipes and almost all are popular in different parts of the world. Dinner Spinner becomes one of Time magazine’s 50 Best Apps of 2012.Try it once, I bet you will love it.


I have been using this app for last one year and really happy with the recipes database it offers. This popular recipes apps for android offers more than 28,000 national and international recipes, recommended by professionals, cook books , world class restaurants, best chefs etc.

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