Call Anyone Free From Android Mobile Phone Using Crowdcall App

Make free call from android phoneIf you are an Android user like me, you are lucky to have an app named CrowedCall that allows to make calls to 42 different countries all around world.if your country is not in the list then also you can make calls by paying 5 cents per minutes ( 2.75 paisa/minutes ).

What Makes CrowedCall Unique?

Most of the apps like Skype, GroupMe, Voxer requires an active internet connection to makes calls and both the parties should have the same app installed on their PC or Mobile to make it work.But the App CrowedCall doesn’t use internet to make calls.That means the app does not require to have internet or the app installed on the receiver’s phone.Yes, the app CrowedCall works differently than the common free calls apps.The app requires a little internet connection to establish connection with the application server.

More About CrowdCall

Its really easy to make phone calls with Crowdcall.Just install the app from Google play store on your Android device and activate it by entering your own mobile number.Thats all.Now enter the phone numbers you wish to call and all the calls you will make through this app are free.You can make calls up to 20 people at a time.

When we tested the app on our Android device, the quality of the voice was excellent and the most interesting thing about this app is that it doesn’t require much of internet.This unique app only uses few bytes of your internet for each call.

Here is the complete process, CrowdCall follows to make a call.When you press the call button the app sends this information to the server over internet and this is all the internet you need for the call.Now when the information reaches the server, automatically you will get a call on your mobile.Receive the call and press 1 on your android mobile, within few seconds you will hear ringtone on other phone.

Like all free apps, CrowdCall also has some limitations. But still it is a great app and we recommended you to try it for at least once.Why are you waiting?Install CrowdCall app and call anyone free from android mobile phone. Don’t forget to share your experience about this in our comments section.

Download Free CrowdCall App from Play Store.

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