Using Your Smartphone To Buy A House

Your smartphone does so much for you already, so when it comes to looking for a house you should enlist it as part of the process. It is something you will have on you everywhere you go, so it can come in really handy for finding places, making it to open houses and showings, and even to take photos of the places you may potentially buy.Using Your Smartphone To Buy A House

Sure, the websites where homes are listed for sale usually have pictures, but they never seem to get every room or every angle. If you want to be able to go back and compare the homes you’ve seen while deciding which one(s) to put an offer on, you need to take photos with your smartphone when you tour a house.

Aside from your phone being a camera, there are other things you can use it for when you are house hunting. Here are some things to do with your smartphone when it comes to buying, or at least shopping for, a house.

 Apply For A Mortgage

You don’t ever have to set foot in a mortgage office or a bank in order to get a mortgage loan to buy your home. Access to email is the one main key. You can even “scan” documents with the right app on your phone. If you have a three-in-one printer with wifi, you can even print your documents right from your phone.

Print the paperwork, fill it out, scan it back in and send it to your mortgage broker and you’re on the way to pre-approval so you can start looking at homes.

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Shop For A Home

Download the app from your favorite home search websites. Set up search notifications and when a new home comes available you’ll know about it immediately. Depending on the housing market where you live there may be new homes coming on the market all the time, and you want to know about the ones that fit what you’re looking for.

 Find An Agent

You can find a buyer’s agent through your phone (even through the sites you’re home hunting on). You can reach out to them directly and once you’re working with someone they will add you to a portal for updates on homes that fit your wants and needs, according to your discussions with them. You will get regular email updates when new places are added.

You can also get texts to confirm viewings of home from your agent. You will have a direct line to them from your smartphone, whether you call them, text them, or send them an email.

Your smartphone is definitely a great addition to your home search arsenal. It will help you in a ton of ways, so why not use it every chance you get.

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