Top 5 Alternatives of Skype for Android and iOS

Skype is a video calling and messaging app. Skype word, however, has not always been used as a noun. There are millions of people in the world who say they want to ‘Skype’ whenever they have to make a video call. This simply means that Skype is the name synonymous to video calling. Today, there are many popular video calling apps. But once, only Skype reigned. But this does not mean that Skype doesn’t have problems or issues – in fact there are a few. Some people do not want to use Skype anymore due to the glitches. This is why they are looking for the alternatives. Here are some popular alternatives to Skype for the Android and iOS users.


facetimeIf you have an iPhone or any other iOS device, there is every chance you must have used FaceTime. What Skype was once to everyone, FaceTime is now to the iOS users. It is an extremely popular video calling app and undeniably the best alternative to Skype for the iOS users. FaceTime has been around for many years now. It is extremely reliable and very easy to use. The interface is extremely user friendly and the call quality is great. You just need a good internet connection to make seamless video and audio calls. Now you can easily download Facetime for Android devices through Play Store.


messangerEverything Facebook introduces has to become popular. There was a time when a small messenger window popped up at the bottom right corner of the Facebook website. You could use it only to send text messages to your Facebook friends. How have the times changed now? Today, messenger is available separately as an app. You can now use it to make video and audio calls. While FaceTime is only for iOS, Messenger is for all the platforms. Hence, it is being dubbed as one of the best replacements to Skype.


hangoutsThe truth is that no one cared about Google’s Hangouts until only since a little while ago. But the good news is that Hangouts has made its presence felt and more and more users have started using it. It is a pretty simple messaging app that comes packed with the Android Firmware. However, it is available on iOS and Windows platforms as well. Almost everyone has a email address these days. This makes Hangouts all the more useful – a good replacement for Skype and Facetime for PC  indeed.


imoIMO has surprisingly gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. If you would look at its simple and easy to use interface you will know the reason why. This app is really very easy to use. You can make high quality video and audio calls. If you have a good internet connection, there will hardly be any glitches. This is the reason why it is a viable replacement for Skype.


viberViber is an open source code messenger. Over the years, developers from all over the world have worked hard to make it extremely effective. Viber offers seamless video can audio calling functionalities. Millions of people are already using this app. This is why it is considered to be one of the best alternatives to Skype.

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