Top 4 Ways to Tweak Windows 8

tweak windows 8Are you fed up just because your computer does not run smoothly? Have you tried every bit of efforts but you were not successful towards working out the things? If yes, then you should not worry. Since, it is important for you to tweak windows 8. Therefore, the following article will help you know the Top 4 ways to tweak windows 8 as it will prove to give you best needed assistance which will help you in running the computer in a smooth way like butter. Since, tweaks play an important role in today’s life. Their importance is directly related with the fact as to how you can improve the functionality of the system in the easiest as well as simplified manner:-

Looking to login? Use 4 digit pin in order to tweak windows 8

We know that life has become quite faced paced which has resulted in various changes as well. Now, increasing numbers of people are using pin instead of password since it saves time by equally making the whole process safe as well as easy. Great, isn’t it?

Visual effects should be removed while tweaking windows 8

One of the best ways to tweak windows 8 is by removing the visual effects as much as we possibly can. Since, if you make use of the same to the maximum, then it will naturally put undue burden and there is a strong possibility that your computer might even get frozen. You won’t like the fact especially when you are in the middle of doing some important work and your computer simply freezes. What will be your state of mind? You will be demoralized as well as disheartened. Is‘t it? Hence, in order to save yourself from the same, it is important for you to remove visual effects. Since, we know that Windows 8 is jam-packed with visual effects. Therefore, it is easy to configure the same. All you have to do is to go to “System properties performance” and then “Visual effects” and it will be done.

Tweak windows 8 by login through picture

Another great way to tweak windows 8 is by login through picture. You can choose the area where you want to tweak in terms of nose, ears or eyes. Thereby, you can tweak windows 8 by login through picture with ease. Great, isn’t it?

Configure OpenDNS to ensure faster browsing

This is another great way to tweak windows 8. In the event when it takes lots of time for the webpage to open up, then do not worry. Since, it usually happens due to the weak DNS server which is there on the ISP. However, the moment you configure OpenDNS on your windows 8, you will literally have a blast by experiencing one of the electrifying times of your life.

Finally, after reading the aforesaid article, you know the top 4 ways to tweak windows 8. Therefore, you will be in a lot easy and safe position towards working out the things as well. Great, isn’t it?

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