Top 10 Mobile Apps for the Indian Market

Mobile Apps for the Indian MarketIndia is the next market for smartphone adoption. Their consumers are increasingly buying mobile devices that feature apps, such as Local Beat and The Times of India. Here are the top 10 mobile apps for the Indian market.

1. Local Beat

Find local restaurants and read the latest headlines with Local Beat. This app displays deals from several sources including Snapdeal, MyDala, DealsAndYou, TimesDeal, and Upto75. You can also find movie listings and local weather. It does everything.

2. The Times of India

If you read The Times of India online or in print, but want to stay connected with the news while on the go as well, consider adding the Times of India app to your mobile device. Read news stories from around the world and get updates on breaking news with this app.

3. Indian Rail Info App

The Indian rail system is complex and hectic. Stay informed when it comes to train schedules and other rail information with this app. See if there are still seats available on a train or find out how much a train ticket costs. It’s the perfect app for daily commuters and travelers.

4. The Weather Channel

Keep track of the weather locally and nationally with The Weather Channel app. This app displays radar maps and forecasts. It also alerts you to severe weather and airport delays. There is an option to forward these alerts to your friends and family.

5. Flashlight

Another app to have on your mobile device is Flashlight. It uses the camera flash to illuminate the room like a flashlight. It is made for BlackBerry devices. If interested, check out the BlackBerry Z10 price.

6. ICICI Bank Money2India

iMobile is a banking app that is designed for customers of the ICICI Bank. Easily access your account, check balances, and pay bills from your mobile device.

7. Saavn Music

Listen to music on your mobile device with the Saavn Music app. It features the top Bollywood and Hindi songs from India. It also features the latest hits in Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, and Punjabi. You can search for songs, make playlists, and listen to radio stations.

8. AyurvedaBook

Have all the secrets of Ayurveda on your mobile device with the AyurvedaBook app. It gives a description and history of several Ayurvedic medicines and plants. It also provides dosage information and provides a list of conditions for which each medicine is used for. Vivid pictures are included as well.


Get the official NDTV app for your mobile device. It includes news stories and videos from the NDTV news station. You can also watch live news coverage from all the NDTV channels and listen to live radio.

10. ngpay – Mall on Mobile

One more app to have on your mobile device is ngpay. It is a popular app for shopping and buying tickets. You can easily book seats on buses, trains, and airplanes. Find movie tickets and search for your favorite brands as well. Several companies use ngpay including IRCTC, PVR Cinemas, Indigo, and Tata Sky.
There are many more that you should check out, but these ten are among the most popular. Which ones do you use?

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