Tips For Safer Use Of Tech Devices

Most people spend a lot of time with technology these days. From smartphones to smart TVs, you are constantly staying plugged in. But how safe are you being while you are on your tech devices, constantly browsing the web and not watching where you are going?Safer Use Of Tech Devices

Right now, since the launch of the app game Pokemon GO, the news is full of reports of people getting in accidents of all kinds while they are glued to the screens of their smartphones. Car accidents, walking accidents, and more are happening, because people aren’t paying attention.

Don’t Use Them While Driving

It seems like with the more things that you can do on your phone, the more distractions it offers, especially when you are behind the wheel of your vehicle. While phones aren’t the only culprits when it comes to distracted driving, they can be a pain.

You don’t even need to be texting while you’re driving in order to have your phone cause you to be in an accident. Simply answering a call or talking on the phone can distract you enough. If your phone rings, wait until you can pull over to answer it, or just call them back a more convenient time, when you aren’t driving.

Make Sure You Have Virus And Malware Protection

Driving and walking aren’t the only hazards when it comes to the use of tech. You also want to protect your phone, computer, and even your tablet. There are always new viruses being created, and you also risk adware and malware on your computer every time you visits new websites and download things on your devices, even apps.

Make sure all of your devices are protected. You can often use the same anti-virus across all platforms. But you also want to have malware protection. While you can download “free” virus and malware protection, paying offers you more safety.

Create A Login Code

One more thing you should consider for overall device protection is having your devices all password protected. This not only keeps strangers out of your phone if you accidentally leave it at the bar, but it also keeps your children from seeing things they shouldn’t, and keeps your friends from hacking your Facebook account when you go to the bathroom.

It may look, to some people, like you are trying to be secretive, but you are just protecting what belongs to you, and there is nothing wrong with that. Password protection also helps to keep you from accidentally butt dialing people too.

Why not do what you can to protect yourself and your devices. These are all simple things to do that can protect yourself, and help make your phones and computers last longer.

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