Three Tech Gadgets You Need For Entertaining at Home

Depending on where you live, you may have guests come to visit. Especially if there are events in your area, landmarks or tourist destinations, or even just to come by for a BBQ. When you’re planning to entertain at your home, there’s no better time to show your friends and guests the latest upgrades and devices you’ve implemented. To give your visitors something to talk about next time you host a get-together, here are three tech gadgets to bring into your home to make your events unforgettable.

WiFi Speakers

Outfitting your home with WiFi speakers will bring any party to the next level. The ability to set up wireless speakers in any room of your house will help set the mood regardless of the type of event you’re throwing. However, there are some speakers that won’t even require you to get multiple in order to set the right atmosphere.

According to Shane O’Neill, contributor to, Sonos WiFi speakers can fill your entire home with music by using just one speaker. And by using WiFi speakers, your options for music are endless with the ability to stream tunes from your preferred music gallery. This will certainly get your party started right.


If you’re planning to host a viewing party or show a televised event to your guests, you can’t be without a 4K TV. Scott Alexander of shares that 4K TVs are completely changing how people watch TV at home. Not only is the 4K TV one of the hottest new technologies you can have as part of your home entertainment, but it also gives you insanely better picture quality than any other TV on the market. With more pixels than ever before, you’ll be having more fun with your TV than you could have thought possible.

Nest Smart Thermostat

Nothing completes a party like the perfect environment, including setting and temperature. And while the temperature of your home may not be your top concern when preparing for your party, it will quickly become your undoing if you’re not able to make people comfortable in your home during your gathering.

WIth the new technology of smart thermostats like Nest, you can make sure the atmosphere in your home is perfect during whatever season you’re entertaining. Not only can your smart thermostat save you money by properly heating and cooling your home based on your own preferences and habits, but, according to Alan Henry at, it can also make temperature adjustments based on variables like humidity, creating the ideal environment for your guests regardless of number or body temperature.

Being a host is all about making sure your guest feel at ease. With these three new home gadgets and technologies, treating your guests just became a little bit easier. Happy hosting!

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