5 Wearable Technologies You Didn’t Even Know Existed

With the cacophony of hype about the Apple Watch, the wearable industry has everyone from tech enthusiasts to fashionistas buzzing about smartwatches. But as world leaders in flexible electronics, like FlexEnable, continue to improve upon the existing technology, innovators are able to develop new devices to fit practically anywhere.

At this astonishing rate of growth, it’s near impossible to stay up to date on the latest gadgets – and they’re not all smartwatches. Here are 5 incredible recent advancements in wearable tech you may not have heard about.

The Unstainable Shirt

The Unstainable ShirtThe future is officially here: Elizabeth and Clarke have made a beautiful, crisp white shirt that doesn’t stain. It looks just like a classic, collared button-down, but in fact, it is covered in tiny fibres that use nanotechnology to repel any kind of water- or oil-based liquids. Coffee, wine, sweat sauces: you name it, it won’t ruin this top.

With a flattering shape and made of lightweight crepe de chine, this is one example of technology and style blending seamlessly together to create something incredible (and aesthetically pleasing!)

The Posture Corrector

Most of us spend our days hunched over keyboards or desks, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise this is not great for our back and general health. That’s all set to change. Tel Aviv startup UpRight have developed a device that attaches to your lower back with a hypoallergenic adhesive, and every time you slouch, it vibrates to remind you to sit ‘UpRight.’ It also syncs to the UpRight mobile app, so you can see your progress over time.

The Temporary Tattoo

The Temporary TattooImage from UC San Diego

People living with diabetes can expect a new, easy-to-wear, non-invasive way to test glucose levels, thanks to the University of California, San Diego. Nanoengineers have developed a kind of temporary tattoo that extracts and measures glucose levels in the fluid between skin cells.

Although the tattoo doesn’t currently give the kind of numerical data that a patient would need to self-monitor, researchers and engineers are working on it. Either way, this has paved the way to explore other uses for the device, such as delivering medicine through the skin.

The Smart Ring

An alternative to a smartwatch or notification bracelet, those looking for the ultimate in nonintrusive wearables can stop their search: the MOTA Smart Ring is the answer. This device delivers discreet alerts like texts, calls, emails, calendar events, even Facebook and Twitter notifications. You can even customise the alert vibrate for different contacts, so you’ll know who is getting in touch without even having to glance down.

With a sleek design, and a choice of black or pearl white, this ring is the latest development in tech designed to detach your from your smartphone.

The Intelligent Collar

The Intelligent CollarImage from Flickr

That’s right: wearable tech isn’t just for humans anymore. Our furry friends can enjoy the latest gadgets too! Coming from DogTelligent based in Austin, Texas, the Connected Collar does virtually everything: it monitors your dog’s health, location and progress over time. It also uses built-in ultrasound and vibration commands to help with training, and comes with virtual leash technology to signal your dog to stay close.

With its flexible and water-resistant design, this collar is basically the all-in-one gadget for your pup. Who knows, maybe the next model will teach dogs English!

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