How To Wear Sweatpants to Work – Its Possible

Though jogger pants are mainly a kind of sports apparel, but now people are also wearing them as a part of their casual dressing. These pants can be easily worn with a tee shirt or a pullover in a cool way. But have you ever thought of trying them at your office? Well, if your office has strict rules and guidelines about uniform, then of course you should not try them, but if there is an option of semi formals on Saturdays or if your staffs are a bit lenient, then you can surely try them to wear sweatpants

But there is a huge difference between jogger pants and denims; hence it is important to take care of a number of points while you are wearing them at office. Also one of the main points is that you should not wear these sweatpants regularly, else, staffs at your office may have objection and ultimately you may be not able to wear them again in future. You can wear these jogger pants once or twice a week and that also with proper care so that the formal look in you is not lost.

Get Slim Fit Pants

There are a number of varieties in such sweatpants and you need to choose something that can look formal on you when you wear them to office. A very easy and best idea is to go for the slim fit pants. They will give you a look of a trouser with its straight structure. Properly tug in the shirt but cover the elastic part of the pant at the waist and no one will be able to recognize that you are in your sweatpants.

Select a Proper Color

Not only the fit but also you need to select a proper color in case you are wearing a sweat pant at office. You can either go for grey shades or can go for other darker shades such as navy blues or black. But do not even try to select colors like brown or light blue, as this will very easily spill the beans about you being wearing a sweat pant at office.

Select a Simple Pant

Normally the sweatpants are available with a band of white at the sides or at the bottom. If you have the common sense, of course you will not select these pants for your office wear. But apart from this also always go for a simpler looking pant. There are now a number of pants with various pockets and other patterns. Settle down only for the plain, slim fit dark colored pants.

Wash Before Wearing

These are not denims that you can wear for a week without washing. These pants may be sports apparel but are similar to trousers and hence it is important to wash them and iron them before you wear them to office. Unwashed sweatpants may disclose it very quite easily that you are wearing sweat pants. But if the pants are washed properly and then ironed, it may not be as crisp as your trouser but still it can work as formals if not noticed.

Pair Up With Proper Shoe

It is okay that you wear sneakers with your sweatpants, but you cannot forget the fact that you are wearing this time the pant for your office. If you are wearing sneakers, ten people will look at your sneakers and hence they may notice your sweatpants also. So, it is better to choose semi formal dark colored shoes that will make everyone feel that you are wearing formal shoes along with a trouser.

You spend more that 8-9 hours in office and hence it is important to be comfortable. If you are comfortable in sweatpants, you can wear them at office once in a weak but of course with a number of tricks that are mentioned above.

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