How to Find The Owner Name Of Any Mobile Number Easily

Are you getting disturbed by a unknown mobile number? Do you want to know the owner name of that mobile number? If your answer is Yes, this article is for you. By reading this article thoroughly, you can learn easily how to find the owner name of any mobile number, his/her location and also the name of the operator.How to Find The Owner Name Of a Mobile Number

We all know that mobile phones become a part of our daily life. Now a days, even it is difficult to live a single day without a mobile phone. The main reason behind this is that, with a single click, you can communicate with your family and fiends across the globe. Not only that, you can also do shopping, money transfer, browse internet right from your mobile phone. But sometimes, such a useful device could convert into a curse. Such situations arise when someone threats you over phone or disturb you regularly by sending dirty messages. To get rid of such problems, today we are sharing this article which will help you to trace the location, operator and also the name of the owner.

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Trace Mobile Number Location And Operator

There are few websites/apps available to trace the address or the location of a mobile number. You can use both online and offline tools. Here is the list-

1. Visit IndiaOnAPage website.

2. Enter the mobile number and hit trace. The result will be displayed immediately.


Download the mobile number locator software FROM HERE to your mobile phone. The great thing about the tool is that it works also offline.

How To Trace The Name Of Mobile Number Owner

There is a tool call True Caller which help users to trace the location, name of service provider and the owner name of a mobile number. With TrueCaller, it is very easy to find the owner name of any mobile number. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to trace a mobile number-Find The Owner Name Of a Mobile Number

1. Go to Truecaller website.

2. Select your county from the list

3. Enter the mobile number you would like to trace and click on Search.

4. You are done. All the information of the mobile number including location, operator and owner name will be displayed immediately.

Truecaller is the one and only app available in India to trace the owner name of a mobile number. Whether you are using a windows phone, android smartphone or iPhone, just download this app on your mobile phone to get information of every mobile number that call or sms you.

Download Truecaller For Android
Download Truecaller For iOS
Download Truecaller For Windows Mobile

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