How to Safeguard Your Identity From Hackers

Safeguard Your Identity In an online world, where nothing is safe, you have to be even more careful than ever before, in order to protect yourself from falling prey to hackers. We hear cases where hackers are doing their bit towards stealing confidential information from people and swindling a big chunk of money in the process. Hence amidst the rising scams, it becomes all the more important for you to safeguard your identity from them in a sophisticated way. While reading the following article, you will know the 12 ways to safeguard your identity from hackers:-

Use Different Passwords For Different Accounts

We have the tendency to use the same password for different accounts which shouldn’t be the case. In the event when one account is hacked, in all probability, we are going to compromise on the security of different accounts as well. You should choose the password which isn’t mentioned any where in the English dictionary. Similarly, make use of letters, numbers and signs as well since it further makes it difficult for the hackers to accomplish their evil designs.

Do Not Click On The Link Which Is “Too Good to Be True”

Hackers are deriving innovative ways to lure people by sending links with an attachment. They are actually sending a “copy” of the original bank account sites asking for confidential details on the pretext of doing favor to you like giving discounts or bonus etc. You need to understand that banks never ask for such information. Hence, you need to be aware about the same as well.

Never Accept Friend Request From People You Don’t Know

This is the age of social media where you can’t afford to accept invitations from people who are not known to you. Never accept their request or else you might have to face issues or problems, since you never know what is going in the mind of the other person. Isn’t it?

Use Anti-Virus Software

You can’t afford to overlook this important aspect where you have to use the anti-virus software in order to protect your prized computer from various malware, virus etc. Anti-virus offers a befitting reply against all sorts of malpractices which are highly prevalent in the society. Isn’t it?

Do Not Disclose Your Personal Information on Social Media Sites

Although, it is hard to resist the temptation of being open amongst your friends and relatives, yet you shouldn’t make your personal life public in any way. In the event when you have been open in furnishing details about your bank and its related things, then you are sure to meet hard times.

Set “Wipe Your Phone” Feature in Order To Save Your Phone While Being Lost

The aforesaid mentioned feature automatically erases all sorts of data and information especially when it is lost. Hence, you know that the information can’t be accessed by any evil minded person. Great, isn’t it?

Never Shop On The Sites Which Seem To Be Confusing to You

The best way to make sure about the authencity of a site is when its “http” changes to “https” which means the connection is highly safe and secure. In the event when it chances back to “http” then you have to refrain from moving forward.

Be Wary of Pop-Ups

Always look at the pop-ups with suspicion since you never know that they might be containing malicious software which will at once tempt you to click it and you will end up creating a death knell in the process. Hence, ignore them since they will do more harm than any good.

Make Use of Two-Step Verification

Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox etc offers two-step verification as this sort of verification further consolidates the whole aspect of security. Therefore, it makes the work of hackers difficult especially as you have the security of two-step verification enabled.

Never Take Any Chance By Storing Card Details On Websites

To be at a safer side, you need shouldn’t store the confidential information such as credit card details on websites. It is better to fill the information every time, rather than taking any chance as it hardly takes a minute to do the same.
Be Quite Careful While Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi works in the way where the information leaves your device and it heads for the web destination. Now, in the process if there is any hacker sitting in a public destination and he wants to intercept the unencrypted data, then in all probability he can. Therefore, while using public Wi-Fi, it is important for you to use encrypted software or refrain from using it while dealing with important financial transactions or while using social media.

Lock Your Computer, Phone Etc

Always make the use of the same since even if it accidentally falls in the wrong hand, yet you will be sure that your important details won’t be accessed by others. Isn’t it?

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