Entertain Your Kids These Holidays With These 10 Best iPhone Games

best iPhone games for kidsYou must have faced lots of tantrums from your kid demanding your iPhone for playing games. Alternatively, you may be wondering about some of the best options of quality iPhone games for your kids. Reality is, there are innumerable options of kids’ games that can be played from iPhone and it is indeed difficult to find some best options out of this huge lot. Here we have simplified your job; read further and take note which games are available on iPhone for your kids.

There are some games which are the best for 3-year old kids and some of the items can engage even children of major school standard. Although all the iPhone games are not available with educational pinch, most of these iPhone games are based on puzzles and are quite challenging to play. Above all none of these games has bad influence and keep the players engaged for a longer time slot. However all iPhone games have their nuances therefore you must keep a watch on your kids.

10 Best iPhone Games For Kids

Elmo Loves ABCs

This is a game which will keep your toddlers happy for a long time and can act as a good nanny. While playing these games babies can learn ABCs in Sesame Street style with excellent game support, songs, and recitations. The game is known for wide range of game-modes and different productions for helping the kids by improving their learning curve simply by fun and play method.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing

The game revolves around the hedgehog, Sonic and a few SEGA star. The game is not at all difficult to learn and enjoy and is suitable for kids of almost all age groups. There are little cars in the game where SEGA stars are racing around and you need to race around with a quick and prompt way to get the winning stake. The player will get the upgrade during the course of the game which will help the player to win against the other racers in the game.

My Horse

It’s a beautiful game where the racer is a young girl with a pony. More she can take care of her horse she becomes eligible for more amenities to enjoy. Course is happy way to take care of pets as well as it brings lots of entertainment in a constructive way. This virtual care giving game induces lots of fun and thrill and at the same time helps kids becoming responsible.

Draw Along with Stella and Sam

Another cool iPhone game for kids. This game is based on a book that deals with the story of two heroes. The kid who will play the game will complete task as per the course of the game actions. It has an educational tinge in it and is not that restrictive. It has enough scope of creativity.

Super Why

The game is all about a journey where Whyatt, the protagonist of the game has taken his friends on a journey, which involves lots of games and all his friends get involved in the action of the play. The game is an excellent way to inspire a kid to read and write, and is an ideal option of game for kids of three to six years old.

Thomas & Friends

With this game plan, your kid has to perform and manage a few tasks and brilliant puzzles with Thomas, the popular Tank Engine. The puzzles are easy and lots of bold colors and graphics are available with the blueprint of the game for pure entertainment of the kids playing the game.

My School Dance

This game will seem interesting for your growing girl kid. The girl while playing the game can earn reward money for her prom night via several games modules. The credit is earned via playing tapping games, and is eligible to spend at shopping mall. Once the money is all spent up, then the child heads off to the mall, where she may be named prom queen.

Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

It’s Disney game and here the children are allowed to visit Pixie Hollow for setting of a small Fairy store engaged in designing outfits for their clients. The child playing the game can customize the boutique or store and they can collect Pixie Dust. The dust can be spent for unlocking newer levels of games.

Bubble Mania

This is an interesting colorful balloon popping game, but it is mostly meant for growing children. It has plenty of colorful animations and graphics incorporated, at first go the game may not seem very interesting for the kids. The pleasure of the game is entirely derived from winning the actions.

House Pest starring Fiasco the Cat

This Iphone game displays a virtual cat that plays with the kids taking part in the game. The cat gets induced in trouble and the kids try to rescue him from trouble. Some of the games are memory and some are to be played against timer. A few of these games are a bit educational but overall these are wonderful entertainments for quality time pass.

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