How Can Puzzle Games Increase Intelligence?

A lot of studies have shown that by carrying out a puzzle or an unrelated mental exercise, you can improve your problem-solving abilities.Puzzle Games Increase Inteligence

A studied just like this was taken out where the researches gave almost 35 people that volunteered some basic mental exercises that were supposed to increase their mental abilities. There was another group of 35 people that wasn’t the part of the “brain boot camp”.

The group of people that underwent the exercises were faced with some tests. One of which included a sequence of squares that appeared on the screen. The main task that they had to undergo was to notice any change. The picture stayed for 3 seconds and then changed afterwards. They had to notice which one of the squares was at the same position as it was before.

In another exercise, several letters were played to the participants, their goal was to identify the letter that had been spoken before. By doing that, they were showing their good memory skills.

The tasks progressed according to their performance. If the participants were doing good, the tasks would get harder. But if they were doing bad, they would get easier. The whole series of tests went on for about 8 to 19 days.

These results were than collected and then they were compared to the other group that had no part in the exercises.

The results of the study that was published in the National Academy of Sciences showed that the people that took part in the puzzle had a significant increase in their problem-solving ability. And it was also noted that the more the participants trained, the more ability they had to solve a problem.

Another thing that was noted was that people also required motivation to succeed. It was a very important part of the exercise.

Dr. Jaeggi who was a part of the research team said, “It’s the same in sports: you cannot expect to get better in football if you merely run around a little bit and not really want to improve.”

This is the very first proof that mental exercises like kids games improve the intelligence and the problem-solving ability of a person. The study suggests that spending time on puzzles games is a time that’s well spent.

There ae a lot of puzzle games that you can find. There are many games that people don’t realize as puzzle games but actually are one.

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