How Can Apple’s Health App Benefit You?

How are you using your smartphone? Do you use it just to keep track of your friends, to take selfies, or for business? Lately, smartphone developers are seeing the need for people to use their smartphone to monitor their health statistics. Calories, steps, and heart rate are measured throughout the day and logged for easy review. Weight can be tracked and workouts monitored to see the progress you are making toward your fitness's health app

How can Apple’s Health app facilitate your monitoring of all this information?

Apple Health

The native app for iPhone consolidates the information provided by associated apps that you may have on your phone. Using Health, you can track your activity, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness. You start the process by entering your personal data, including emergency information, height, weight, and any medications you may be taking. Then you are off and running using other developers apps to integrate information applying to each of the major areas of monitoring.

Medical records

Mychart by Epic gives you and your doctor up to date access to your medical records if your health care provider has all your records available online. The Mayo Clinic has also developed an app allowing online and convenient access to your medical records. Researchers have found that the more in touch with our medical data we are, the more likely we are to pay attention to our health and well-being. You can also monitor your appointments, results, and medication needs through these apps.

Physical fitness

The greatest number of apps fall into this category. Whether it is tracking your run or ride, or your weight loss after you have been using Lipotropic injections to increase your overall health, these apps can help you monitor your ongoing progress, and track your improvements over time. You gain motivation by sharing your progress through Facebook or other social media, and you can use the apps to join in or have others join you in whatever activity you enjoy.


By using the new sleep functionality and apps like Pillow, you can track your sleep and sleep quality. Using the apps, you can set regular bedtimes and waking times, allowing you to develop consistent sleep patterns. You can monitor noise and breathing during your sleep, so you can assess how you are breathing, if you suffer from apnea, if you are sleeping fitfully.


A fancy word for your mental state is mindfulness. Your ability to find moments of mental relaxation is vital to your acuity. There are a number of apps that have been developed to incorporate yoga and meditation into a plan for mental health. Apps have been developed that provide guided meditations and pleasant music and sounds to help you relax and focus in the midst of our chaotic lives.

Instead of just deleting that Health app or burying it in a folder on your third or fourth app screen, try taking a look at how powerful it can be towards helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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