How To Activate Vodafone Thank You Card

Welcome back. If you are a long time Vodafone user, I am sure you must heard heard about Vodafone Thank You Card. But if you have got a Vodafone  Thank You card for the first time and you don’t know how to activate Vodafone Thank You card, this post is for to activate vodafone thank you card

What is A Vodafone Thank You Card?

This is a gift card from Vodafone to you for your trust in Vodafone. When you visit a Vodafone Mini Store for recharge, you  will be honored by a Thank You card. But you can only redeemed a single Thank You card once in a month. Depend on your luck, you can get free talktime, free SMS, free data pack or even a hello Tune from Vodafone. A Thank You card is exclusively available only for prepaid subscribers. if you are facing any issue then you can contact Vodafone through online chat.

How To Activate Vodafone Thank You Card?

It is very easy to use a Vodafone Thank You Card. Just you need to send a simple sms to activate the same. Here is the two step process you should follow to activate Vodafone Thank You card.

1. Scratch the silver panel to get the 16 digit secret code.

2. SMS <TYC>space<16 digit secret code>space<Vodafone Store/Vodafone Mini Store Code> and send it to 111.
(Send the sms without < >. For example TYC 6311613637122108 A59 and send it to 111)

Each and every Vodafone Store/ Vodafone Mini Store has a code and you must have the code to activate the card. If you don’t have the VMS code, just the store once again from where you collected your Thank You card.

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