5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

best travel apps for iphoneJust got free from the busy modern life and are going to enjoy the beauty of nature to some other locations? Not free? Are compelled to go on a trip for business needs? Well, whatever the case is, you are required to lot of preparations before starting your travel. What about making the things easy using your iPhone? Cool idea! Isn’t it?

iPhone can help you to make your travel pleasant. Finding the best travel apps from iTunes is like finding a needle from haystack. But you need not to worry about it as I am making it easy for you with this list of top best 5 travel apps for iPhone. Let’s proceed ahead.

5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone


Booking.com is a popular website to book the hotels online. They have their official app for iPhone. You can use this app to search for the best hotels in any particular city and can book one, while on the move. You can check the reviews of other users to find the best hotel for you. This app brings the convenience at your fingertips. Moreover, you can also write reviews for hotels to help other users.


Wikihood is one of the most rated travel apps for iPhone. If you are visiting any place for first time, then you will get confused to which places to visit or which not to. Wikihood can solve your problem. Just let the GPS of your iPhone to track your location and Wikihood will gather all information from Wikipedia and will list the popular nearby places on a map, with your distance from the same.


It’s quite possible that you may miss some of the best places to visit during your trip, just because of your unawareness about them. TripAdvisor ensures to visit all the popular places near you. You can use this app to find what’s near you. The reviews written by other users about the restaurants, hotels, places etc. make it easier for you to choose the’ must to do’ things during your trip.


Well, who likes to keep waiting in the queue to buy train tickets. I’m sure, you don’t. So you can

use this awesome app to make the things easy. You can check out the timings of trains and can easily know that what’s the exact time of next train. Moreover, you can buy tickets within this app, while on the move.


You might be familiar about this app already. It’s an Internet-based texting service and enables you to send messages, pictures to your friends’ smartphones having this app in them. While on trip, you it’s quite obvious that you must  message your family to notify about your location, health etc. WhatsApp does this work for you and that also, for free of cost. As it’s Internet-based service, so you need to pay for the data only, nothing else!

There are many other travel apps for iPhone but I have limited this list to top 5 only. It’s time to download these apps and to enhance your travel experience.

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