Must Know Photoshop Shortcut Commands

Photoshop Shortcut CommandsWelcome back to TechBusket. Do you know that the key features of Photoshop can be controlled by using Keyboard Shortcuts?  Today we have collected a list of Photoshop Shortcut Commands.

Tab (Hide/Show Palettes) — Hiding the palettes gives you a little more working room, thus decreasing your need to pan and zoom while editing.

Z (Zoom Tool) — This command brings up the zoom tool, which allows you to zoom in and if you hold down the Alt key, it temporarily switches to the zoom out mode.

Ctrl + 0 (Fit on Screen) — This command is used to get the entire photo in front of your eyes. That’s Ctrl + zero, not the letter “O”.

B (Brush Tool) — Another extremely useful tool when working with masks.

Ctrl + Z (Undo) — Very useful to change the little mistakes we all make.

[ (Decrease Brush Size) —  Decrease the brush size to get into those tighter spots.

] (Increase Brush Size) —  Increase the brush size for the larger areas.

Shift + [ (Decrease Brush Softness) — This command Decrease the softness of the brush by 25%.

Shift + ] (Increase Brush Softness) — Opposite of the previous command. Increase the softness of the brush by 25%.

Shift + 1->0 (Tool Flow) — This works exactly like the opacity changer, but you just have to hold the Shift key down while you hit the numbers.

Ctrl + Shift + N (New Layer) — This  command will bring up the new layer dialog box and place a new layer on top of the active layer.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N (New Layer No Dialog) — This command skips the dialog box and just places a new layer on top of the active layer.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K (Show Keyboard Commands) — If you forget any of these commands, use this to bring up the help dialog on keyboard shortcuts.

if you know  another Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, don’t forget to add in our comment section. Thanks for reading.

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