10 Tech Gifts for Christmas

Tech Gifts for ChristmasIn a very real sense, the art of gift-giving has become a lot easier this Christmas, thanks to the explosion of home technology and gadgets over the past decade or so. Some devices may just be a bit of fun, while others are highly practical – and most fall somewhere in between. What this diversity means during the season of goodwill, however, is that you can be sure there’s a tech gift out there for everyone. Here are 10 Tech Gifts for Christmas.

Best Tech gifts For Christmas

tech giftsHexBugs

. Robotic fun for children and adults alike, these eerily lifelike ‘smart’ robobugs respond to sound and movement, as well as changing their movement patterns for obstacles and walls. There’s several to collect, as well as accessories such as habitats and walkways.

Wireless HeadphonesWireless Headphones. Wireless headphones are fantastically liberating, enabling you to enjoy perfect digital sound wherever you may be. The latest models have exceptional quality and range, making it possible to listen to your music or podcasts while tackling any household tasks.

Targus Laptop Chill MatTargus Laptop Chill Mat. This handy item solves several problems at once – providing a comfy portable surface for your laptop, eliminating “hot legs” syndrome and keeping your ‘puter healthily cool with the two inbuilt fans, powered by USB.

Branded-novelty USB SticksBranded/novelty USB Sticks. Now that USB sticks possess more capacity and reliability than ever before, they make a perfect gift for anyone who needs to carry their data about. Why not spice it up a little and give them one of the many novelty or branded flash drives in the shape of all sorts of weird and wacky objects?

Livescribe 2GB Echo SmartpenLivescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen. This amazing pen records whatever you write, as well as the sounds around you while you’re writing. Perfect for somebody who is taking minutes or notes in a meeting and who doesn’t want to miss anything, and the next step on from the humble dictaphone.

Seagate FreeAgent DockStarSeagate FreeAgent DockStar. This easy-to-operate device makes file-sharing simple. Once this is attached to a router and an external hard drive, any household can have its own Network-attached storage system (NAS), while the bundled software makes it possible to connect to your computer from any other around the world.

Wireless Security Camera with Night VisionWireless Security Camera with Night Vision. A smart gift for the security-conscious. There are many different models of security cameras, but the night vision equipped make them perfect for unobtrusive peace of mind when set up in gardens, yards or garages. A home computer then receives and relays the images.

Apolco P3 Micro ProjectorApolco P3 Micro Projector. Even the most powerful technology is getting smaller and more portable, and now its the home projector’s turn. The Apolco P3 can be carried anywhere and easily set up, making it great for kids’ entertainment on family holidays or for that all-important presentation at work.

Fitbit UltraMyLight HugLight. Yes, this powerful LED torch really can “hug” you – its flexible length will wrap around into a multitude of shapes and will cling to you any way it can, making it the best gift this season for people who often find themselves trying to make repairs in dark and cramped places.

Fitbit Ultra. Much, much more than just a pedometer, this device fits on the wrist, belt or pocket and monitors every aspect of your daily activity, with the option for it to even nag you to do more! A Christmas gift that could help a loved one stick to their New Year’s resolutions…


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