The Dark Man- Best Archery Game For Android

artillery game for android7Seas Entertainment Ltd, a Hyderabad based game development company introduced a new game for android phone users called The Dark Man.This is one of the best shooting game I have played on my android mobile phone.The game sports a classic black and white look, with blood effects, dust effects, and death animations!

The Dark Man is a simple archery game for android, where players have to hit apple without hurting the man who hold the apple on his head.If the player misses the target and get to shoot the person, the player fails to move to the next level. But what makes this game unique is implementing physics in hurdles and design the levels carefully to make the player excited.

The game comes in two versions- Free and Paid.The paid version of the game cost $0.99 (Rs. 55 approx.) in Google Play store and has total 30 levels.While the free version only has 10 different levels.Apart from Google Play store, the game will also be made available on the Samsung App store, LG Store and other Android supported app stores.

Maruti Sanker, managing director of 7Seas Entertainment, said, “Priced at $0.99, the game was played by 1.5 crore gamers online in the last one year. The physics-based puzzle game has 30 levels. For now, it is offered for free with up to 10 levels on a trial-and-buy mode. The player dons the role of an archer and there are different interesting targets (apples) on the characters’ heads. All a player needs to do is to shoot the apples off their heads without shooting the characters to move on to the next level.”

You can download the free version of the game, just by Clicking Here.After playing the free version if you fall in love with the game like me then you can download the full paid version of the game from Play Store.

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