Protect an Android Device From Malware

protect android malwareWhat comes first when we hear the word VIRUS ? Only Common Cold and Flu’s with Fever. In the past people said Use Injection to stop Virus but now Use Anti-Virus. Yeah, these days virus plays an important role in Mobile Phones, PC etc. In recent times, Android devices too are getting affected by the Viruses.

How do they Come

When you use an app, there will be some ads displayed normally. A single add will scroll on. People using it should see to it as if the add scrolls up and comes in to the display. If they click on the Add which comes scrolling from Bottom to Top like a Video Presentation then, there might be some Malware. So for being in the safer side, people should disable the ads to be displayed in the setting options of the concern app by going towards the settings menu.

It also enters in your android device when you install a malicious App form the Google Play Store. Before the Accept And Download option, you have to check like it does not share your contacts. if it shares then it will be still easier for the Malware and Hackers for entering into the Android device.

Areas Affected

Now the Malware products and viruses in associate with the Ethnic Hackers has aimed the places of Russia, Moscow, Ukraine and China with some now spreading at Hong Kong which might come down to hit Japan in few months. After a few months when Japan gets hit, then their target will be India followed by Sri Lanka and Australia. They target these mobile prone areas because people living here are trending all with Mobile Phones  on Android apps.

How to Protect an Android Device

As verified and certified recently by the Android App developer, McAfee Security Anti Virus, Norton Antivirus and Security, AVG Antivirus can be used in order to protect the devices from getting hacked or attacked by Viruses/Malwares.

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