How to make your own OS

make your own osEarlier, Operating System used to represent just simple software being installed on your PC. But now, they represent an eco-system of applications being native to them only. Windows 8 apps signify that change. It is not only an OS, but a platform and a software ecosystem.

Well, if you have ever thought of making an OS, or even wondered how they are made, after reading this post, your questions would be answered after reading this post.

Making an operating system is not that easy. Microsoft and Apple, have separate departments which handle certain aspects of the Operating System. One department handles GUI while the other handles input etc. However making a simple low-level OS can be easy.

Operating systems are based on kernels. Windows are based on a kernel developed by Microsoft, Mac OS on a kernel made by Apple. Similarly, there is a kernel called the Linux. Ubuntu, Fedora, Backtrack all are based on that kernel. Kernel is like the foundation base of any OS. Linux is open source and you can use that to make your own OS.

We can “extend” Linux to make our own OS based on Linux.

There are two ways:-

Program it yourself

This method is quite hard because not everybody knows programming. And programming linux is quite tough as well. Linux uses skilled knowledge of the programming languages like C++, Assembly. Special attention needs to be paid to all areas like GUI, Commands etc.

Linux from Scratch
This project aims at helping newbies making their own version of Linux. It is extremely popular among people learning Linux. There is also an installation version, which you can install on your PC.
Linux from Scratch (website)
Linux from Scratch (WikiBook)
You can even extend any Linux distribution to make your own OS.
For ex: – Arch Linux is a simple command line based Linux. Many people have extended and then created their own OS.
Many more examples would be: – Mike OS, Open SUSE etc.

Create it online

You can create many things online these days. Like from editing video to photos, to creating your own social network to your own OS. Currently, there are only two websites that offer such services.

Custom NimbleX

NimbleX is a Linux based OS. Custom NimbleX is a website that customizes your version of NimbleX. All the software you want, all the open-source plugin you need, and you can customize it there. After that, you can download it from the website. It is available for 12 hours only.

Link – Custom NimbleX

Suse Studio

Open Suse is also a Linux OS that has two versions, one is the KDE version and the other version is the Gnome version. But Suse Studio is more customizable than Custom NimbleX. Perhaps you can make a small, bug-free stable OS for your company or for your blog. You can customize the:

  • Type of OS, KDE or GNOME.
  • Login Screen. Change the booting screen and upload your own logo to the OS.
  • The software you want. Variety of software available like Open Office and more open source software.
  • Start Screen
  • Plus a lot of options.

You first need to login to your SUSE account, using Facebook, Google, or Twitter account. Then go to your dashboard and then start making your OS. You can view all other OS made by other people in the gallery sections.

The best feature is that you have more freedom while making your OS, you can collaborate with other members, you can test-drive the OS without downloading it and you can download it, as it remains permanently there.

Link – Suse Studio

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