5 Best photo Editor Apps For Android

There are probably thousands of photo editor apps available on the Google Play Store. But when you have to choose the best photo editor apps for android, you may feel lost and frusted. A good photo editing app for android can transform your photos, improve the look of your photos without losing its quality.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

In serach of a good photo editing app, you can’t install and test out all the editors available in the market. That’s why, in this article, we have compiled the best five photo editing apps for android. Let’s get started.

5 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

1. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the best, simple and easy to use app that allows you to edit photos without any editing skills. The best part is that you can use the app with camera to apply filters, effects and overlays to photos before you take them. Other features included are crop, resize, flip/rotate, and enhance photos using the PicsArts “Effect” menu.PicsArt For Android

The app is updated almost once in a month to include new features. This photo editor also helps you to change hair colors, skin tone to make your photo interesting. You can even remove unwanted objects from your photo by using eraser tool.

2. Canva

Canva is our personal favorite photo editing app for android. Nowadays, you need attractive and colorful photos for social media campaigns to capture audience’s attention. Using Canva, without any special skills, you can easily make your photo unique and attractive within minutes.Canva For Android

The best thing is that Canva templates are available and optimized for all popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. After installing the app, you need to create an account so that you can access your projects on multiple devices.

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3. Snapseed

If you are looking for a professional quality photo editing app, which comes with options to adjust color and exposure, and selective editing tools to perfect every image then Snapseed is the app for you. The app is very popular among experienced content creators and social media influencers.Snapseed for android

Snapseed is completely free with no premium features. The app supports some advanced editing features
like Bokeh with Snapseed’s lens blur tool to make your photo more attective. Apart from that, you can also use Snapseed’s portrait mode to smooth skin, brighten eyes, and create a pro-quality image. Currently, the app supports around 30 plus editing tools.

4. Lightroom

Most of the popular photo and video editing apps available in the market are from Adobe. And you would be happy to know that Lightroom is also from Adobe. If you are looking for a photo editing app for android to create bold photos with advanced color editing, Lightroom is for you. This awesome app allows you to edit RAW images, which is one of its big advantages over other free photo editing apps.Lightroom For Android

If you do mobile photography, Lightroom is a must have app for you. This simple yet awesome app will
take your mobile photography to the next level. The best thing is that you can copy the settings to apply the same effects across multiple photos.

5. Pixlr

Pixlr is another great photo editing app that provides you all the features of a big desktop program all on your android smartphone. This simple photo editor lets you quickly crop, resize and fix any picture within a minute.

Final Note

Almost all the apps, we have shared here have both free and paid version. But with a bit of creativity, you can get the best out of these apps without having to upgrade to their paid versions.

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