5 Things to Check Before Buying an Android Smartphone

android smartphoneAndroid is a most popular mobile operating system developed and owned by Google, It has gained a lot of craze in this present generation. Every one interested in buying Android, it’s because you can use tons of free android applications in your mobile without paying even single penny. Tons of games and categorized applications available in Google play.  Those all apps work with android devices only. User interface (UI) looks very great and rich in Android smartphones.

There are so many mobile manufactures offering Android Smart phones Like Samsung, HTC, and LG etc. But what you should check before buying an android smartphone? How can you decide which model is good for you? Read our below 5 points….

5 Things to check before buying an android smartphone

1. Processor

Processor works like a heart for your android device, Whole capacity of your device is depends on processor.  Total speed and performance of your smart phone is based on capacity of your processor. Choose a high end processor if you want a super fast android mobile. I prefer you to take high capacity processor if your main purpose of buying is gaming.  Anyway make sure your device is having at least 1 GHZ range processor.

2. Ram

High power “Ram” is very important if you are a Gaming lover, So many Android Applications and games will take up lot of space in your ram, so make sure your RAM is not lower than 512 MB.

3. Android Version

There are so many different android versions available there like Jelly bean, Ice cream sandwich, Ginger bread etc. There will be some differences in features and interface of every version.

Version of your android OS is another important thing you should check before buying an android phone, Ginger bread is enough if this is first time you are buying an Android device.  For as now, Jelly bean is very latest version. (Android Key Lime pie is going to be released soon)

4. Brand & Popularity

As I said above, So many brands available in market now. Each brand is having something special and something bad. So it’s your choice, choose any good brand as you want. Don’t buy from low reputed and low populated brands, and also check their customer service center is available nearest your or not.

If you bought a popular model smartphone, then you can find custom ROMs and official OS updates for your device on internet. Developers will develop custom ROMs for most popular models only.

5. Other things like Cam, Screen, and Battery

As usually for your personal interests you can check screen size, battery capacity, camera quality and sound system etc as you want. Almost all of Android Smartphones come with good Cam, Size and battery.

Final words: Don’t be cheap in specifications, you can’t get best for cheap prices, I can bet you. I saw so many people adjusting and compromising with specifications and price, Why to be like that? Buy a mobile which makes you happy. If you bought a cheap price mobile, I’m sure you will face some problems like getting strucked when playing games and getting hanged.

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