5 Free Android Apps to Find Your Lost Smartphone

Find Your Lost SmartphoneSmartphones are getting more and more common these days. You can easily see people using it around. With more number of different smart phones in the market, there is a high possibility of people losing them. As these smartphones run on an operating system or an OS amongst which typically Android is seen as the biggest market player in smartphone operating systems. Now there are dozens of apps in running on Android which can help you to find your smart phones if they are lost. Let’s have a look at them.

Free Apps to Find Your Lost Smartphone

Where’s My Droid (WMD)

It came into existence in the year 2009, since then our application has helped many people find their lost handsets. It provides dual function. Suppose you have lost your phone near to your surroundings then what you need to do just send the text message on your phone and the WMD starts working which increases the ring tone to the maximum sound and also runs from half to 5 minutes. But in case your phone is earshot then what you need to do is send the text message and track through the GPS. But in that case your phone should have GPS activated. You can set your own message for finding your mobile.

Android Lost Free

The application has been given the administrator rights due to which it cannot be uninstalled easily. Your Google account is used to validate your details. You need to select one phone number which could set the control on your phone and whenever required you will be able to set an alarm. It can also take pictures when the phone is stolen. It also has features of reading a message aloud so that a complete stranger can pick it up if it’s lost near to the surrounding. In case you have changed the SIM card, then you will be intimated via an e-mail. It has a feature of getting installed remotely as well.

AntiDroid Theft

Android Smartphone’s do have the inbuilt feature of tracking. This application uses the inbuilt feature of tracking the lost mobile phone. In case someone changes the SIM on your mobile then you will be receiving an e-mail. In case you are unable to trace your mobile then you can track your lost phone by the number which has been added in the mobile set.

Plan B

Is compatible with the Android phone versions of 2.0-2.3, 4. you can get the location of your phone with the options of GPS. Your phone battery might drain out due to the excessive usage of the GPS. To track your lost mobile you need to download the plan B application in your mobile. After that it will start downloading automatically and then will trace the phone’s location and send the details of your phone to your Gmail account.

Prey Anti-Theft

Many experts say that it is better to install this app beforehand, in case you lose your phone or a theft happens. When your phone goes missing you can use the installed application using an SMS which is “GO PREY”. As it is case sensitive so you need to use all the capital letters. After that you need to go to the web and then put the status of the device as missing. Then you will be able to trace the location of the mobile. It is password protected, so cannot be installed without the password. The application is hidden and has a brilliant quality of reporting.

With all these major anti-theft apps working on Android, worrying about your phone is an issue of the past. It is better to get them installed for a secured revival.

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