5 Best Android Apps for New Home Buyers

best android appsMobile technology has made shopping for a new home so easy you might even enjoy it. From finding your dream home to finding contractors like Avalanche Roofing & Exteriors, these apps are designed to make your life easier. So before you hire a real estate agent, download these five apps and you’ll have all the resources you need at the tap of your finger.

1. Quick Mark (FREE)

An app that’s easy to use and has a variety of purposes, Quick Mark enables your phone to read those strange barcode-like squares that have been around since the beginning of app-time. Under-utilized by the general public, these barcodes are intended to transport the user directly to a website via the camera function on your smart device.

Once the Quick Mark app is installed on your phone, you’ll start to see those barcodes everywhere (they can link to coupons, so keep an eye out!) but for the hopeful home shopper, they’re most significant when you find them on real estate signs. No more waiting to ask questions about a home you might like; now all the info you want can be a click away.

2. ZipRealty (FREE)

This app gives you an excuse to wander around town scoping your favourite neighborhoods and streets for potential homes. Using the “House Scan” function lets you know what’s for sale wherever you are, so if you love a neighborhood you can cut out the middle man and find out immediately what’s on the market.

What’s more, it enables you to schedule a viewing and learn essential info about the property you prefer. That’s a lot of footwork for a single app.

3. Suburb Scout ($1.99)

Once you’ve found some houses you adore, Suburb Scout will help you discover whether you’ll also love the location. Essential and otherwise hard-to-learn information about undesirable elements is what this app specializes in.

Make sure your future home is far away from sewage and nuclear plants, prisons, airports, and landfills. For a move that involves relocation, this app offers invaluable “local” insight.

4. Evernote (FREE)

Evernote is a general-use app that’s also an invaluable house hunting companion. Take notes, pics, even voice memos about homes you’re considering and they’ll all be located in one spot when you need them.

What’s even more helpful is that you can upload all the details you want to research and consider, and work from your laptop or desktop.

5. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator (FREE)

A great resource for budget-minded buyers, a few calculations let you know how much money you’ll be eligible to borrow and how much repayments will cost monthly, depending on the cost of the home you’re considering and combined salaries of the buyers.

This one takes the mystery out of shopping, and saves time that might be wasted deliberating over an unaffordable house.


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