Clashot Android App Review

Do you want to earn easy money through an authentic and fool proof method from your Smartphone? If yes, then there can’t be a better platform than Clashot as you just need to capture photos and sell them. Easy, isn’t it?

Review of Clashot Android App

We love our smartphone’s so why not make this as a means to earn money? Yes, that’s exactly what every one is doing these days and I am indeed blessed to do the same as well. You just need to install Clashot and you are all done. Since, Clashot give you the coveted opportunity to monetize photographs which you have taken the pains to capture. Hence, your hard work doesn’t go down the drain. Isn’t it great?

The method you should be aware of

As you have downloaded the app and uploaded snaps for the approval, concerned officials will review your report before making them live. If your snap has the “Wow” factor, then within no time your snap will get the biggest ever exposure amidst the thousands of interested buyers who will enhance you chance of buying in a limited time as well. Hence, as the sale is done you are going to credit your Clashot balance as well.

Why your photos will be in demand?

This is the most prominent and obvious question since if you want to make your work sell-able, then you have to “think out of the box”. Your work should speak for itself. In short, you have to think creatively. It is so easy to create “out of the world photos”. For that, you need to know the type of photos which are in demand.

These days media agencies are looking for snaps concerning live events or related with sports. Hence, try to capture such theme based snaps which are being sold like hot cakes.

How to start your journey of earning through Clashot?

It is indeed a child’s play where you just have to follow the procedures:-

  • Download Clashot App and Install it.
  • Capture some of the mot unique and prized photos
  • Upload them
  • Now, you are all set to earn money from the same in a convincing and easy manner.

Clashot screenshot1Clashot Screenshot-2Clashot Screenshot-3Clashot Screenshot-4

Few renowned features which you don’t want to miss in Clashot are as follows:-

  • You can easily share photos as well as reports in various esteemed social networks namely Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can email them as well.

Hence, you are never far away from spending some of the most prized moments in the company of your friends by equally earning to your potential in the process as well.

The more you expose yourself, better is the chance for you to market yourself. Hence, I am quite fascinated by the interface of the app and you will equally feel that way as well.

My Rating

I would like to give it 9 out of 10 as it clearly signifies the immense utility which it holds. You are surely going to love using the app. Here, the opportunity to earn manifolds is indeed quite immense as well provided that you use it in an appropriate manner. I am totally satisfied by using it and you are equally going to feel blessed with the same. Since, Clashot Android App will potentially change your life for the better by creating ways for earning like never before.

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