5 Best Android Apps For Teachers

best android apps for teachersWelcome back to TechBusket. Almost all professionals have got benefited over the last few years because of some fantastic mobile hardwares and softwares. If you are a teacher and have been using an android mobile phone then a tons of android apps waiting for you to make your career field more easy. Today we have collected 5 best android apps for teachers which can make their life easier and can also help in enhancing their performance level.


This android app allows a teacher to access Wikipedia from his/her android phone. Wapedia remembers all the pages you are reading was over, so you can pick your survey easily where you left off. There is also a quick share option available with this app. Just click the Share link to share anything via email, Facebook or Twitter. Download this app from Google Play Store and access WikiPedia with just a tap.


This great app allows teachers and students to share ideas in a virtual setting. If you are high school teacher then this is a must have app installed on your app. With this app, teachers can easily share notes or additional materials to their students.If you would like to share your thoughts with your students outside the classroom, you can download the app from your Google App Store.

Attendance Roster

If your students use different possible ways to get proxies in the attendance sheet then you can use Attendance Roster app in order to avoid this. This app would help the teachers to record and monitor the attendances of the students. You can download this simple yet effective app from Google Play Store on your android smartphone.

StudyDroid Flashcards

One of the best Android app which lets a teacher to create their own flash cards and use it on their class rooms. Flash cards are grouped into “Packs” and can easily select a pack for mathematics, science, politics, history and many more. Just enter your text on the front and back of your flash cards. For example, you can create mathematical problem 6+2 on front, and type the answer 8 on the back of the flash cards. Here is the download link of the app on Google Play Store.

Draw Names From a Hat

Another most popular android app for teachers. This app comes handy when you are organizing a contest among your students. You need not to write your students name on slips of paper or no need to pick students to go first.Just enter all the names and shake your android smartphone, instantly a student name will come out. You can download the app from Google Play Store just by clicking here.

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