Your Electronic Cigarette Options

Cigarettes without ashtrays. Smoking without odor left on fabric, hair or aftertaste. A smoking habit that costs less than $600 a year. Is any of this possible? Well, we all know that tobacco cigarettes deliver on the contrary to each of the previous statements. Electronic cigarettes, however, can measure up to each of these statements.

Ten years ago electronic cigarettes were invented by a Chinese chemist, and in the past decade they have gained a growing following of devoted users. There are many reasons that one could decide to buy electronic cigarettes, since they can essentially appeal to anyone looking to satisfy a nicotine craving.

Electronic CigaretteElectronic cigarettes use innovate technology to deliver nicotine to the user. The unit is comprised of several components: a casing, cartomizer, batter, LED light, and e-liquid. At first glance an electronic cigarette looks identical to a tobacco cigarette. What might give it away is that, after looking at it for a while, you will notice that whether it is being drawn on or not, it will continue to produce a vapor.

The vapor is produced by a tiny heating element in the cartomizer coming in contact with the e-liquid. The whole operation is powered by a little rechargeable lithium battery. The LED light is just to create the “glow” that a traditional cigarette emits.

Many aspects of an electronic cigarette can be customized. You can choose the design and color of your e-cig and LED light. You can also choose the size of your casing, the voltage of the battery, the concentration of the nicotine, and the flavor of e-liquid. You can adjust each of these components to create the perfect vaping experience for yourself.

Many vaping enthusiasts have a variety of electronic cigarettes for different purposes. For example, a longer casing can house a bigger battery can last for prolonged vaping. A higher voltage battery can produce more vapor, and result in a stronger “throat hit” and more nicotine delivered. They may also have several varieties of e-liquid. Maybe a traditional mentholated or tobacco flavor for when they are in the mood for something traditional, and perhaps something fruity for when they are feeling more adventurous. They may also have e-liquids in varying concentrations of nicotine, so that they are ready for whatever sounds good at the moment. And, of course, they probably own a variety of chargers such as a USB charger for when they are close to their computer, a car charger and a PCC for when they are out and about.