Why the Private Cloud is Right for Your Business

If you are considering going a cloud-based route for storage solutions for your company, you might already be familiar with a lot of the much-touted benefits. With advantages like scalability, cost effectiveness, and more reliability for your data, the cloud is certainly an appealing prospect for many businesses for whom data storage is a priority. What you may not be aware of is the difference between public and private cloud-based data hosting and computing.
Granted, there may be some extenuating circumstances that make it logistically difficult for your company to choose a private cloud solution for your storage needs. Size, cost, and IT support for maintenance of a private cloud are all factors to weigh, and are not negligible considerations by any stretch of the imagination. But for many businesses, this is the way to go simply because it offers more customisation options, more reliability, and ultimately is more secure. If that sounds like what you might be looking for in a cloud-based service and storage solution, read on for more details about why the private cloud might be just what your company needs for a flexible and manageable IT environment.

Peace of Mind

You cannot put on a price on knowing that your company’s ever-important, sensitive or even proprietary data – the very thing you research, develop, and stake your company on – has to be kept away from the eyes of prying competitors. Even hackers in today’s world of constant cyberattacks are a threat to steal and sell corporate information your company holds close to its chest. Data loss through malfunction and natural disaster are also things that are unpredictable, but whose damage can be prevented with private cloud-based storage solutions.

Everyone from the financial giants of Canary Wharf dealing with sensitive economic data to small tech start-ups with enviable algorithms to find the cheapest prices for airline tickets wanting to maintain that small competitive advantage can benefit from the increased level of security private clouds offer. Away from the prying eyes of government, where data sovereignty comes into question (particularly outside of the US), you’ll want to find a company like Dell with a solid track-record of data security and customer service reliability.

Customisation and Flexibility

For businesses that cannot make do with a one-size-fits-all host of options and need something more tailored to in-house styles, the private cloud offers a significant advantage in this regard. While some of the scalability of the public cloud is lost, some private cloud services offer what is called ‘cloud bursting:’ data that is not top priority is transferred to the public cloud in order to free up space on the private cloud for events when there are significant spikes in demand. Moreover, private cloud providers like Dell offer various applications to organise your data with options like VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack. Maintenance of data, infrastructure, and server operations all are more tailor fitted to your company’s needs, and as a result bring up your operational efficiencies.

In short, if security and flexibility are priorities for your cloud storage needs, private cloud solutions are the right choice for your company.

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