What’s In A Name? IP Address and DNS Server Security Features

You’ve probably looked up thousands of website names. You may be on a website right now that you searched for through the name. But have you ever wondered how those names work? How do they get translated into search strings and computer code and numbers and binary concepts for the Internet to work as smoothly as it does?

To answer these questions, you have to delve into the idea of IP addresses and DNS servers, and then see how they all adapt to your desire for more information. To dig further in, pay attention to the ideas of application security protection, general awareness of Internet behavior, sites that provide website names, and how to understand parked domains and subdomains.

Application Security Protection          

Even if you don’t understand how web security works, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have some at the ready. Especially when it comes to DNS servers and safe traffic, always install application security protection. There are plenty of people and companies out there who will explain the importance of it to you while you’re doing your web design, so don’t be afraid to ask them questions. The cost of the service will be quite minimal compared to the trust you’ll lose if your site is hacked.

The Awareness Factor                 

As a website designer, in additional to typical security features that can be installed, there’s no replacement for general awareness of hacker behavior. Watching out for particular kinds of e-mails, messages, or links is very important. Research the latest hacking trends out there, and before you’re a victim of a scheme, know what sort of mental protection you have on your side. Hackers often use social aspects of their personality to get close with people who run websites, so hacking is not just a technical process.

Sites that Provide Website Names       

Check to see if there are DNS security features that come from the place where you purchased your website name. One very common place to buy names from is GoDaddy.com, and there are some FAQ’s that they have available about security features they include with your purchases. Many people gloss over that information, but you should make it a point to read it carefully.

Understand Parked Domains and Subdomain

Domains also can come with subdomains and parked domains, and it’s very important that you understand how these work together with DNS information. Because the IP addresses are related, and there are redirects and linking involved, running through subdomains is one way that many websites are weak, and thus the most easily attacked parts. Hackers know how to move data around inside these often overlooked functions, so read up on how to protect yourself under all circumstances.

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