What’s Different About The CS:GO Competitive Mode?


CS:GO is one of the most played first person shooter games of all times. But there are a few things about it where the gamers get a little confused. Like the competitive mode. We recommend that you read the CS:Go tips and Tricks before you play. Let’s talk about the competitive mode and how is it different from the casual mode?

Competitive Mode

Well in competitive mode, you are usually in a team of 5, which is pitted against a team of 5. You can be in either one of the teams. In competitive mode players are matched according to CS:GO ranking system. The whole match stays for about 30 rounds and during the match there are simple rules that you have to follow. As a terrorist, you have to plant the bomb, and as a Counter Terrorist, you have to defuse it before 1 minute and 55 seconds. After 15 rounds the teams are supposed to switch sides. When the match is completed, the overall results declare the winner. If both teams have 15 wins, then it’s a draw. The game guide is quoted from popgi.


An interesting update that you should note is that the recent updates allow only players that have a rank of Private rank 3 to compete in the competitive matches.

Difference Between Casual and Competitive

  • When the first round starts in the Competitive mode, you have only $800. But this is different from the casual where you start with $1000.
  • In this mode, you have to purchase a Kevlar and a helmet, which isn’t the case in the casual mode. You get it for free, automatically on the start of each round in casual mode.
  • As a Counter-Terrorist, you would also have to spend on buying a bomb disposal kit.
  • In the competitive mode, you can buy up to 4 grenades. You can purchase a pair of flashbangs and a pair of smoke grenades, whereas you can only buy just one HE grenade.
  • You can’t spectate the other team in competitive mode.
  • You can use chat which will be visible to all the players in the game. It doesn’t matter if you are respawned yet or not. But you don’t have to worry; a group chat is still secret to the group only.