What is JioJuice? Features, Launch Date And Many More

On 31st March 2018, Jio has surprised everyone with the announcement of Jio juice. And the big announcement came after the company has extended its prime memberships for their existing prime customers for another year. If you are a Jio prime member, you can extend your prime subscription for one more year till March 2019. Now lets talk about JioJuice? What it is?What is JioJuice

Jio has not revealed much information about JioJuice. So thousands of people started searching on Google for JioJuice. There are lot of rumours going on at the moment about JioJuice. People are divided into two groups. One group is calling it a revolutionary innovation and for the other group it is just a prank around April Fools day.

“Time to say goodbye to chargers and heavy power banks. Introducing JioJuice,” Reliance Jio said one of their tweet about JioJuice. A short video was also uploaded to give a brief introduction of the product. In the video we can see that the Jio SIM card receives energy from near by Jio tower and charges phone battery . Lets have a look at the video.

From the video one thing is clear that the JioJuice will provide wireless charging. If it comes true no one need to carry bulky power banks to charge their smartphones. And all the power bank manufacturing companies will be in big trouble. To provide wireless charging Jio will launch JioJuice app which is still in beta stage. All the wireless charging technology (including iPhone)launched till now is hardware based. So Jio will be the first company which will provide software based wireless charging for smartphones.

To know what exactly JioJuice is we have to wait till on its launch day. Don’t worry, as per Reliance Jio official Twitter channel it is ‘coming soon’.

Thanks for reading. It was a April Fool Prank from Jio.