Using Technology To Keep Pests Away

Pesky pests can ruin almost any occasion, or any environment. Bees, mosquitos, and small bugs on one hand, and rats, gophers, and other larger animals on the other hand – they can make you uncomfortable outside or inside if they invade, or they can ruin things that you work hard on, like your lawn. But, there are ways to use the latest technology to try and rid yourself of these annoyances in a number of different ways.keep your pets away

You can use technology to discover pests, and there are the latest electronics, killer sprays, and portable pest control devices to keep them away, and then you can always look through the latest data trends (such as where certain bugs are invading) in order to better prepare yourself for incoming irritation.


Finding pests in the first place can be sometimes a little daunting. And if you do find them, knowing what they are can be a little tough too. But, technology allows you to take fairly detailed pictures and then upload them to the web, and you’ll often get a pretty good idea of what a bug is within a very short time searching for visually similar images.


Electronic bug prevention is another big boon of today’s technology. There are the classic mosquito zappers, and you can also now buy electronic pest resistance devices that plug into your outlets that emit sounds that keep certain types of pests away as well. They have varying degrees of success, but at least trying them out it something that most people are willing to do to attempt to get out of control situations back into control. Prices vary as well, so be sure to keep that in mind, as well as reading reviews.

Killer Sprays

Companies are always trying to use the latest technology to create the perfect bug spray. Ideally, you want something inexpensive, not poisonous to humans or pets, that doesn’t smell bad, and doesn’t make a mess. When you find a can of a spray that does this, as well as keeps hornets and wasps away, then you know you’ve found a good thing!

Portable Pest Control

The latest technology (and marketing) has now presented people with portable pest control solutions as well. An interesting one that comes to mind is a small fan that clips to your belt loop that mixes with mosquito repellent sounds and smells, so you have a small cloud of mosquito-free air that will follow you around.

Analyzing Data Trends

And finally, if you pay attention to pest-control data that’s freely available, it will tell you what kinds of invasions are happening in what parts of the country, and when. Especially if you’re into gardening or farming, this is a huge benefit because you can prepare your plants or crops with the right kind of control chemicals or environmental considerations.

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