Updating Office Computer Systems Affordably

Updating Office Computer SystemsUpdating or installing a new computer network into your office can be very expensive. These cost of several workstations and a new server can quickly run into the thousands. The typical solution is upgrading an item at a time – for example a single computer at a time. Using this method in several years you have computers of vary capabilities. Some can run some applications and some cannot.

In addition to varying capabilities, this means IT costs are higher. While trying to purchase some items you are paying repair costs on others and putting a double strain on the budget. If equipping a new office it will mean sharing works stations until able to budget in additional equipment.

An alternative many choose is to rent or lease their IT hardware. For less than the outlay on a single workstation you can get several workstations, a server, and professional IT support. Finding a laptop needn’t be difficult or a strain on the budget. You can easily hire laptops as well.

If considering this as an IT solution care should be taken to make sure the selected systems meet your needs and the contract provides the service you want.

Contracts should be of shortest affordable length for a lease. This will give greater flexibility in future upgrades. Longer length contracts result in lower payments but may cause equipment to be outdated prior to an upgrade available. In longer contracts ensure you understand the penalties for breaking contract early – is it total of payments required or are there credits for unused time?

Maintenance and technician costs are a fact of life in dealing with computers and servers. If you are weighing the cost of a purchase to a lease consider if the maintenance is included on the lease. Many times it is at least an option to have a bespoke plan that includes full technical support. This can add a lot to the value of computer network if knowing all future support costs are already covered.

Another alternative to your office computer upgrades is to consider upgrades instead of replacement. If you have a competent IT person, or are able to hire a technician for a day you may not need to replace your computers at all.

Purchasing ala carte updates such as additional memory and even new chipsets is doable in some systems that are not completely outdated. This approach will allow you to get a couple extra years of use from your old system for far lower cost than purchasing new.

When considering this approach look at the cost of the parts and the installation combined compared to new machines. Also consider a higher rate of repairs on other components as they age. Particularly business office computers that do not have fancy sound cards and graphic cards are easily upgraded in this manner.

When considering how best to proceed with needed computer products explore multiple options. This will leave you secure that whichever method you choose was the best method for you.


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