Top Rowing Machines from Brand LifeCore Fitness – the Smoothest Rower that serves all your Exercise Needs

LifeCore Fitness Rowing Machines are designed and developed on the spirits of the sports rowing. Build at par with advanced technology and the guarantee of customer satisfaction, the rowers of LifeCore goes really easy on the muscles and joints to give a proper morning workout. The company manufactures four rower models and it is a testimony to the company that all the four models are a hit in the market.Top Rowing Machines

Specialties of the Best Rowers of LifeCore

LifeCore believes in creating rowing machines that can be used for effective aerobic exercises. The R Series rowers which the company manufactures are known for its smooth rowing mechanism combined with high end technology. The rowers are operated without gears which enables the machine to adjust itself according to the needs of the user. In the following sections, we discuss the best selling R Series models by LifeCore.

LifeCore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

R100 is by far the best rowing machine available in the market today. The machine has the system of air and magnetic braking, coming at a price of $1,299 on Amazon. An ideal machine for amateurs who are new to rowing as well as for pros who want to go to the advanced level of body fitness. Here is why you should have this machine:

LifeCore Fitness R90 Rowing Machine

A combination of excellence and quality, R90 rower is known for its dependability and industrial standard performance. Coming at a price of $999, it is considered to be one of the most economical models in this range. With several features worth appreciating, this machine is a sure choice for most of the trainers.

LifeCore R88 Rowing Machine

A rower that is fit for an ideal household. The low cost of this machine paired with its folding mechanism for storage, makes it a good choice to be kept in homes. With almost all the features of an advanced machine, R88 should not be under estimated on the basis of its low cost.

LifeCore Fitness R88 Pro Rowing Machine

An improvisation in the traditional R88 model, R88 pro has some extra features to offer you. The machine is an exceptionally good choice to keep your body toned. You only need to be sincere in your workout, rest leave on this mechanical expert.

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