Top Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Top Chrome Extensions For Bloggers: Blogging has become a really huge industry now with the emergence of the internet. As more and more people started using the internet the need for more content arose and this made the industry prosper. A blogger’s main workplace is definitely his computer, (most of the times, a laptop) and most of the work happens via the browser as it is used to access the extensions for bloggers

Coming to the browsers, Google Chrome is definitely the favourite among bloggers as it is fast, well-featured and works well on any decent computer. In fact, I am using Google Chrome to write this article. Another advantage Google Chrome has is that it is a product of Google, the one company that everyone trusts. The data you enter and save are highly secure and is as secure as the google account that you used to sign in to the chrome.

The main focus of this post are Chrome Extensions for bloggers, which are basically tools that you can install onto your Chrome browser, tools that serve a useful specific function.

How does this help bloggers? It helps make them productive.

It can save you a lot of time and get things done faster and better. As you all know, when it comes to blogging, time literally is money. It’s time to take a close look at some of the top chrome extensions for bloggers.

Top Chrome Extensions For Blogger

1. Grammarly
Blogging is basically a text media and that is why I feel this is the most important chrome extension every blogger must install. Once installed and setup, the extension automatically detects and prompts the spelling and grammar mistakes in the text that you type. It works well along with wordpress and blogger editors but is yet to support google docs. The corrections and prompts are accurate and real time. It also gives you an explanation and the correct usage with examples.

2. Save to Pocket

This is a simple extension that does its job well. It helps you save whole web pages for offline reading and syncs it with all of your devices. Useful if you are in a hurry or are going to be left without internet for some time.


It is one of the best grammar check tools that you can use for free. It is allowing you to personalize your experience and ensure the same tone everywhere.

4. Search by image
Another one of the most popular chrome extensions for bloggers. This extension is developed by google and serves a useful functionality, especially for google. It helps you reverse search an image from anywhere in the web and get related images from the google search result. This will help you get different images for your blog post or know more information about an image that caught your eye.

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5. Last Pass: Free Password Manager

This one is a life saver. Us bloggers visit a lot of sites and has accounts on hundreds of websites and these websites all require passwords with different criteria and it just isn’t possible to use the same password everywhere, nor is it secure. The solution? LastPass. This extension securely stores all your passwords as you enter and the next time you visit that site, LastPass will automatically log you in. The extension is secured by the use of a master LastPass Password.

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6. Awesome Screenshot

No  need to install any application on your PC to take screenshots anymore, this simple extension is more than enough to do it. It also has options to add annotations, comments, blur areas in the screen grabs.

7. Google Dictionary
A simple extension that gives you the meaning of the text that you choose along with its pronunciation all in a popup screen. Highlight and double click on any word or phrase to achieve this.

8. Open SEO Stats

A highly powerful and useful SEO extension that tells you a lot of SEO stats of the current opened webpage. It will tell you the alexa rank, number of indexed pages on several search engines, backlink data, etc etc.

9. Block site
The ultimate tool to stop procrastination and being productive. As the name suggests, the extension helps you block websites of your choosing, websites that you think you are wasting a little too much time on, Facebook for example. You can choose the days of a week and set a timer to decide when you want the sites blocked.

10. Writer

A very minimal text editor used by millions of writers in the world. Provides a simple and easy environment for typing. Has all the useful features like offline writing, export into PDF etc etc.

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11. Session Buddy
A highly useful tool that saves the entire session of the browser and lets you restore it later. Turns useful if your system crashes in the middle of something important or a power failure occurs.