Top 5 Antiviruses for iPhone – Widely Used and Readily Acclaimed

Antiviruses for iPhoneA smart phone that is widely used and most popular among the users is iPhone, without a second thought. Since it is used by millions of people and very popular so there are plenty of malwares and viruses that attack the functioning of the IOS device. Most of the iPhone users might be in need of good anti viruses which would protect their smart phones from all the viruses and malwares. Here are the Top 5 antiviruses for iphone that are absolutely free:

1.      Lookout Mobile Antivirus

Among one of the leading anti viruses is Lookout mobile security. As the hard disk of the computer saves and keeps up all the backup and important data of your PC, this one is similar. It creates back up and imports all the beneficial data from your phone. If you are at a network which is unsecured or which can attack your smart phone, this antivirus would act as a shield against all the malwares and viruses. It automatically saves the location where your device is and detects it, in case it has misplaced.

2.      McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

Among one of the most powerful software, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile protects and alerts your smart phone in any case where it is being attacked by a Trojan or virus. It helps to delete all the Trojan infected files from your phone as well as provides an online back up for your phone. If you are surfing online and for instance, a malware is trying to attack your smart phone, this antivirus would not let it happen. It would ensure full proof protection from all the malwares and Trojans help secure the smart phone.

3.      Virus Barrier

Virus Barrier has an exceptional quality to scan all the viruses and detects all the malwares trying to harm your smart phone. If you wish to scan online files or downloaded attachments, it provides you with this facility. Not available for free but is worth the investment. If you have some important work piled up that you wish to do, you can continue working and this antivirus would scan the Trojans and viruses without disturbing your working, it would complete its work in the background simultaneously.

4.      Anti-Virus Detective

Among one of the astounding antivirus, that scans all the Trojans and malwares. It provides a full proof plan and guides with steps telling how to deal with such viruses. If there is a link that is trying to attack your smart phone, it tends to alert you and scan the link before it harms your iPhone. Many users recommend using it, as it also provides important resource links from where they can help protect their smart phone from harm and malwares.

5.      Norton

Queued up, this is another Antivirus that secures your smart phone and protects it from all the Trojans and viruses. It also detects the location of the smart phone, the time has been stolen or misplaced or you just kept it somewhere at your house and forgot. This antivirus would help detect the location. If you are surfing the net online through your smart phone, it helps you find Trojan links and all those domains that would affect your smart phone.

These are the Top 5 antivirus for iPhone users which would help ensure virus free phone. So, download them today to enjoy their unbeatable performance.

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