Top 3 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency is an Investment to Consider

The virtual currencies, commonly referred to as cryptocurrencies, first came to light in 2009 when the Bitcoin was launched. This was a time in which few people had knowledge of what digital currency even entailed. It is almost after a decade, in the year 2017, that the cryptocurrencies went viral, and now in 2021 with so many exchange platforms registering their all-time high trading volumes; an indication that the world is quickly adopting the new way of transacting as well as storing wealth. If you have been thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, unrolling as some of the reasons why you should consider the venture.Why Cryptocurrency is an Investment to Consider

1.     The time is now!

Most successful entrepreneurs, founders, and inventors were favored by the fact that they were ripe for their particular niche of investment when their pastures where still green. For example, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born and raised at just the time when the world was beginning to discover computers. They took advantage of the unexploited opportunities which have made them household names in the computing world.

A similar case applies to cryptocurrency investment. The more popular the digital assets grow, the lesser profitable and riskier an investment they become. Hopping onto the bandwagon as early as possible can, therefore, play to your greatest advantage as an investor. After all, one of the distinguishing factors between the large, medium, and small-scale investors is market timing; the art of predicting when to stake and withdraw from an investment.

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2.    Exorbitant returns

The right timing of when to hope into and out of investment has never disappointed in terms of returns. However, cryptocurrencies have turned out to be one of the most outrageously profitable investment every witnessed since time immemorial. A good example is the Bitcoin, an investor who discovered and staked in the pioneer crypto in the year 2010 bought a Bitcoin at less than a dollar. Seven years down the line, at the close of 2017, one Bitcoin sold for nearly $20,000, experiencing a 4,000,000% growth in a span of 7 years. is one of the many reputable platforms where investors discover the different underlying crypto-related investment opportunities. The introduction of Ethereum’s blockchain plus many other altcoins present vast openings where traders among them being Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) where many have made a fortune.

3.    Secured investments

Cryptocurrencies platforms are based on cryptographic security, a more robust system compared to what the banks currently offer. The systems’ reliance on the ‘proof of work’ consensus to validate transactions, makes it nearly tamper-proof. And since you might have come across various cases of exchange platforms being hacked thereby resulting to hefty losses of investors’ funds, you could opt for storing your investments on hardware wallets that are extremely secure from bugs and hackers.

In a nutshell, cryptocurrencies are by far and wide the most lucrative investment to consider. This is attributed to their extremely high returns and robustly secured nature from third-party influence. Start investing as early as today.