Top 3 Reasons Why You May Have Back Pain From PC

When was the last time you got up from your desk and took a stroll across the room? Was it this morning you first sat down? Regardless of age and preferences when it comes to technology, your PC may be the main culprit for your bad back.Why You May Have Back Pain From PC

We live in an age when both the things we need for work and the entertainment are hosted on electronic devices that require sitting down (on a chair or on a couch/bed). Don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate the new technology and I adore the fact that I can watch a movie all snuggled up in bed. However, because we were not designed for prolonged sitting down, this lifestyle can lead to serious back problems starting with pain and ending with spine-related problems.

Now, scientists promoted the idea that a life in your chair/couch will most likely give you back pain, but a recent study debunked this myth. It seems that, people who sit all day long don’t get any more back pain than people who tend to stand more. The problem is not with the actual sitting, and it has more to do with the activity you’re performing and your stature.

So, as you can imagine, different professions can give you different problems, even though you sit down a lot. Given this, I was curious to learn how sitting in front of a PC all day could cause back pain (since I know it happens).

#1: Your Chair is not Comfortable Enough

Just like with any surface you usually sit or lie on, your desk chair should be designed to support a healthy position and offer comfort. Today’s directorial chairs come with a ton of features for extra comfort starting with lumbar support, curved backrest, and even headrest. Some chairs even go as far as to add memory foam to the seat and backrest (on Try Mattress – bad back section you can learn more about alleviating back pain by using materials that offer back support).

Even more, there are chairs specially designed for gamers, for the office, or for people who want a bit of relaxation from time to time (with integrated massage module).

#2: You don’t have a Healthy Position

When you’re sitting at a computer it’s very easy to lose focus on your position in the chair. Even if you start straight, in time your shoulders usually slouch in front and your spine gets a curve that makes you look like a question mark.

Even worse, some people like to take their laptop and lie down on a couch or in bed. This forces them to adopt a weird position that brings tension to the neck and shoulders and, by the end of the day, you’ll feel stiff and achy (just like the Tin Man).

The correct position, when you’re using a computer, is at your desk, back straight, and eyesight in front forming a 90-degree angle with the monitor screen. This is why you should make sure that both the chair and the desk are at the correct height.

#3: You Sit for Too Long

When you work or play a game or watch a movie time seems to fly (I know it does for me). So, most of the time, we forget to get out of the chair and move around. So, when you peel your butt off the chair in the evening, you’ll feel extremely stiff. But, if you set an alarm or ask a colleague to remind you to take breaks (at least 10 minutes every hour), you won’t feel that bad when the day ends.

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