Top 10 Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 5 And 4S

jailbreak apps for iPhone 5 and 4SSince its inception iPhone has been able to dominate the mobile world by the amazing apps that its developers develop. This year too has been no different, and iPhone has introduced hundreds of apps that are bigger and better than the previous ones. Many of iPhone users and those who are planning to get one will be happy to know that most of the good apps are free. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 jailbreak apps for iPhone 5 and 4s.

10 Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 5 And 4S

 We will only focus on the free apps that have been launched this year, and the few of the bests among many. The apps have been selected from diverse fields like social networking, photography, travel, news, productivity, and many more.


PhotoSynthThis is a panorama app, which is very user friendly, and a fun app. This is a photography app in which while you take the picture, a panorama is created automatically.


PulsePulse is a fun version of the otherwise boring RSS feed app. In this app, you will get continuous news feeds along with the pictures to go with the stories. This is a good app for those who want to be updated on the latest news but in a colorful manner.

 The Trainline

The TrainlineIf you often travel by train, then this is a very useful app for you. This app gives you the option of planning your trips, purchase tickets online, catch the “next train home”, and other useful as well as informative features.

Movies by Flixter

Movies by FlixterThis app keeps you informed about all the latest movies and DVDs. It is typically US based app. But it can show you the theatres where the movie selected by you is playing, nearest to your place. You can also pin your favorite movies in the top of the list.

Thomson Reuter’s News Pro

Thomson Reuter’s News ProThis is the best news app in iPhone so far. This app also allows you to pin the country whose news you want to read. The toolbar of this app is very efficient and allows you to make selections quite fast and quickly.


comicsThis is the best comic app that is available on the iPhone. You can download as many comics as you want from their huge collection and that too without paying anything for it.


evernoteThis note app is present in different platforms, but the one that is available in the iPhone is very efficient one. You can quickly scan your notes, and also create new notes in a jiffy.

Around Me

Around MeThis is a good app for those of you who are constantly on the move. Here, you get a list of all the local utilities like the Hotels, Gas stations, ATM, Bar, and whatever you might need to locate.

Red Laser

red laserThis app converts your iPhone into a bar scanner and it is very accurate too. This allows you to check the prices while you are shopping.

XE Currency

XE currencyThis app is good to know the latest conversion rates of currencies of different countries.

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