A landing page is known to be any web page on which a particular visitor can come to or as the name says, lands on. Landing pages are usually discussed in the essence of marketing and promotion. In short, it is the one distinctive page that focuses on one main objective. The landing page should only be concerned about your own page and no global connections should be attached to it. The main reason for removing the global connections from it is to direct your customer towards one perceived goal.

Various tools have been developed to modify and enhance the landing pages. These tools are more of a helping hand in the creation of a landing page. These are accepted by the makers of the landing pages as after the pages have been created, they are of great use to them.


landing-pagesA user-friendly editor for landing pages is offered by GetResponse which enables to create a large number of customized landing pages for marketing and promotional needs through electronic mail.

Moreover, each and every free trial have the landing page editor available, which permits to publish for free and only one landing page limited to a thousand visitors. You need to buy Landing page add-on cost which is $15 per month if you need to extend the limit on visitors In case you need to purchase a landing page add on, you need to have an electronic mail account on the top of your standard plan price, add on billed would be imposed every month.

UnbounceUnbounceUnbounce is one of the major tools in the making of an amazing landing page. It is the tool that stops the visitors to get bounced back from the page. In this type of tool, elements such as text boxes, images and forms can be picked from the side menus and are dragged into the section of our landing page. This tool would also make the pages more responsive as when people browse it from the laptops or personal computers, it is easy to view it. Thus, this tool makes it easy for the mobile users too to reach those pages with ultimate ease. This tool was developed to ease the use of mobile users as there were complains that the page was not reached when using a phone. Using unbounce would enable you to copy a landing page and make certain amendments to it too.


Instapage is another major tool which is used to create an amazing landing page. A limited free plan is offered instead of a free trial, but it has a slightly more affordable option at $29 per month. It’s probably the best option when the budget is limited. Furthermore, it offers almost all of the same significant features. It enables you to drag and drop elements in and out of your page. It even allows editing just by clicking on them. The Instapage page editor is simpler than in Unbounce editor in terms of technical operations and use. Though, it may be a good thing or a bad thing, all it depends is on your needs and skills.


Leadpages is one of the most valid and significant tool for the making of landing pages. Many of the top bloggers that are most probably followed by you use it. The main thing is that it is easy comparable to unbounce when considering the prices. On some really high budget plans, there is no other choice except using this tool as it gives the best result amongst all. Not only the best results but also in a shorter span of time. The options we have looked at Leadpages are very similar to the other pages, but Leadpages offers a few distinctive features that might change your decision and you may move up to this tool. The first major feature is the selection of templates. Not only do they have a huge choice in the selection of templates, they can even be sorted out by the rate of conversion.


Launchrock is another very major tool when the designing the landing pages. Pages are created by Launchrock in an amazing way but not like the other three options mentioned above. Instead of the previous three ones, ‘coming soon’ pages are created by this tool .These landing pages, which are made up by this tool, are used when there is a launch of a new product, service or a brand. They are basically used to create a stir amongst the general public about the about the new product or service. Thus, if you want to make a quick decision of promoting your product through a landing page, Launchrock is the best option for you as it fulfills all your requirements. On the other hand if you need a landing page for just a single time use, there is no point of investing in this tool as it takes time and money. It is usually for long term purposes.

Hello BarHello Bar

Hello Bar is one another vital tool in the making of an amazing landing page. Hello Bar has an edge from other tool bars when it comes to the performance. Many of the users have been benefitted from the facility of receiving emails and displaying of messages from this tool. If you do not know how to use it exactly, it can be understood that Hello Bar stands right at the top of your website. This tool can be used in a number of ways based on the following idea.

That idea is to link the landing page with the Hello Bar throughout your website to gain an attractive call to action by the viewer or the customer. By this way, you will be able to attract more and more people to your website. And consequently, this would benefit you only.

Moreover, as an alternative, this bar can be used to readily offer casual discounts on your products and services, without suffering from the agony of being in the hassle of editing and copying of those things.


These were some of the best landing pages out there in the market. But if you look for the best one among these then we suggest you to go with GetResponse as it is more economical and offers unique features.